Hi !

Thanks for coming down to this ASH homepage .. This page is dedicated to my darling , good friend , Ju-En, who is a HUGE Ash fan , in fact a bigger fan than me , and I think her birthday is coming soon (in December) so I just thought this would be a good birthday gift ! *LOL* (and I could save some money from the ASH shirts and merchandise she would want us to buy)

I would like to apologise for any copyright in the pictures I used or the articles I typed from magazines so if they belong to you and you want a credit or you want me to remove it , e-mail me . Thanks =)

Opps , I forgot to introduce myself .. I'm Jolene from Singapore and I'm 14 .. And yeah , I've been an ASH fan since I was 12 (not a big fan then) but anyway , geez .. I dunno what else to say .. okay , just hang around and check out what I have installed for you people out there !

Thanks Nut for sending me awesome ASH pics !

Before I forget , do me a SMALL favour and sign Ju-En's bday book ! Please leave nice msgs , although you wouldn't know her , but I just want something special for her b-day . Thanks !


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This is a non-profit fan page and is in no way connected to Ash.No harm was caused in the making of this homepage (although my internet bill has gone up tremendously!) All stuff seen on this site were made available to the public. I do not wish to infringe on anyone's rights. If there is something you do not like on this site, please contact me asap.(but no junk mail please!) Please do not send emails addressed to Ash as they will not get to them ! Thank you. Created by Jolene 17/10/98 , while thinking of what to get for Ju-En's birthday ..