1999 Husaberg Enforcer

Husaberg now has a 4-wheeler out on the market call the Enforcer. It is made in 3 sizes. A 400, a 501, and a 600. It can be bought with or without an electric starter. It appeared in the 1998 Dec. issue of 4-wheel ATV action. It was rated very high by them. The pricing is for a 400(kickstart) is 8968.00 ad for a 600(electric start) is 9698.00. I have no idea what the price of the 501 is. The engine is a Liquit Cooled, 4-valve, SOCH 4-stroke. More info can be found at Husaberg

Doug Henry comtemplating retirement?

Yes, after Doug won the #1 plate for the 98' AMA 250 on his 4-stoke he is thinking about laying his body to rest and just sit back and watch. Hopefully he won't retire and will keep riding for many years to come.

Ricky Carmichael wins again.

Next year Carmichael will be sporting the #1 plate again and word is out that he may be bumped up to the factory team.

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