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Hi and Welcome To Ryann's Rugrat Page

Please let me know if anything doesn't work... I don't always remember to check everything as often as I should. Thanks.

Would like your help for the next survey. I want you to submit the name of your other favorite cartoon (not RUGRATS). Then I'll take the top ones and put the names up on the survey and every one can vote on what is the second best cartoon. click NOMINATE CARTOON to email me with your nominations. Thanks. In the meantime click on the next line to vote in the current survey

RUGRAT Survey 2

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Nickelodeon Has more new episodes this year and these will include Dill. Yeah Nick! keep the new shows coming.


One question, How many times have you seen the Rugrat Movie??? Anyone seen it more than 50 times yet?

Here is an AVI movie that is only 2800k and should only take about 15 minutes to download. CLICK Rugrat Movie Trailer to watch (hold shift and click title to download to your computer). IT's well worth the wait.

Yes!! Another Rugrat Movie. This one will be titledRugrats In Paris. That's the good news....The bad is we have to wait a whole year for it. It's won't be out till October 2000.

Brodrunner has a Rugrat CD available with games and other activities. The Rugrat Adventure Game is your best buy. The Print shop is pretty cool too but the other game (I forget the name) gets a bit dull pretty quick. For now click on Brodrunner and try out some demo's from the disk.

Check out the info on the Rugrat video gamefor the Sony Playstation, Nintendo 64 and Gameboy. Check out more info at Rugrats for PlayStation! and Nintendo Rugrats Game Info

You may also be interested in checking out the Nickelodeon Web ring or The Rugrats Web ring. Just click the next button on it to take yourself to another site dedicated to any one of the many great shows from Nickelodeon.

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Click picture above to see the RUGRAT COMICS from the newspaper if your paper doesn't have em.

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