Donna D'Errico grew up in Columbus, Georgia. As they say, acting is in the blood of those who love to entertain as children. Things were no different for Donna. Wanting attention, she entertained her neighborhood with 'little shows' and played the part of Virgin Mary in a 3rd grade play. She was also an athlete, serving as the pitcher for her softball team. In high school, Donna was very shy, quiet, stayed to herself, and walked with her head down. She became the main target of a very popular group of girls who always picked on her. Donna never expected to be a model or an actress. She figured that at 5 feet, four inches tall, she was too short to model, and never thought of herself as particularly good looking.

Donna worked at a variety of jobs. She settled into jewelry sales, where she worked as a store manager in Georgia, and then Florida. Later, she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. As a single mother of young son Rhyan, she owned and operated a limousine service there. Donna was discovered by 'Playboy' Magazine's' modeling scout while grocery shopping. She appeared as the magazine's 'Miss September' for 1995. She gained international recognition after the issue hit the stands. Soon after that, Donna decided to try her luck in Hollywood. Three months later, she auditioned for and got a part on 'Baywatch Nights.' Although she had the role on 'Nights,' it was made clear to her that she was being groomed for 'Baywatch.' Donna worked very hard on her swimming skills, and got in top shape for the physically demanding role.

Later she met and then married 'Montley Crue' band member Nikki Sixx, the same band as that of 'Ex-Baywatch' cast member, Pamela Lee's husband Tommy Lee. Sixx has 3 children of his own, all under the age of 7. They live with the couple one half the time, and the other half with their mother.

Donna has graced another 'Playboy' cover in the fall of 1996. She has appeared in many national television commercials, and has made 1997 guest appearances on specials, and talk shows such as 'VIBE,' and 'Keenen Ivory Wayans.' Donna has also appeared as a guest on television series which includes 'Married with Children,' 'High Tide,' and 'Unhappily ever After.'

Donna is best known for her role as Donna Marco, a crossover character from the 'private investigative' series, 'Baywatch Nights.' She made her appearance during the show's first season in 1995-1996 as the new owner of the nightclub, 'Baywatch Nights.' Television promos for the show to introduce Donna were an overwhelming success.

In October of 1996, she was featured in 'Shape' magazine. Emphasis on her cross-over to 'Baywatch' and her workout. With major changes, 'Nights' second season (1996-1997) made it more of an 'X-Files' type show with Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) as a private investigator-an expert in tackling supernatural cases. Donna decided to pursue her to become a Lifeguard. She wanted to stay focused on her goals, so she sold 'Nights' and made it to Rookie School. She finished first in her class, and made her first official appearance as a Rookie Lifeguard in 'Baywatch's' 7th season opener (Shark Fever/1996-1997) while still appearing on 'Nights.' 'Nights' was cancelled after it completed its second season, and Donna's role has been expanded and was given a solid background for 'Baywatch's' 8th season.

Donna was featured in 'Shape' (December 1997 issue) with Gena Lee Nolin. Donna and Gena have exercise video's available starting in December, during the holiday season. She was also included in 'Maxim' magazine, which featured an article about the 'Baywatch' women. Donna has also made an appearance in the KTLA Christmas parade on Sunday, December 1, 1997. The big magazine cover is 'Porthole.' Donna appears with other cast-mates (Hasselhoff, Nolin, Jackson, Chokachi and Electra) with the feature emphasis on the 2-part wedding episode set in Alaska.