Emmy Award winning actor and author Greg Alan Williams has guest starred on TV shows as 'Hunter' (ABC), 'Civil Wars' and 'L.A. Law' (NBC/Susan Dey) and 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' (NBC/Will Smith). His Movie credits include 'In the Line of Fire' (Clint Eastwood), 'The Package' (Gene Hackman) and 'Red heat' (Arnold Schearzenegger). Greg won an Emmy Award for his performance in the TV movie 'Fast Break to Glory' in 1985.

He has recent books 'A Gathering of Heroes' and 'Boys to Men: a Map for the Journey' (1998) about his recollections of boyhood, how his Mother raised him alone and his journey into manhood. He has a nationally acclaimed public television solo performance play, 'The Life and Times of Deacon A. L. Wiley.' It won third prize in the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame Film Festival in 1994. The one-hour play is set in 1914.

Greg is also a former gospel singer and pianist. He has a music career. He has a great voice and has a song on the 'Baywatch' CD. People called his vocal work on the 'Baywatch' CD the 'most impressive performance.'

Greg does a lot of charity work as the HIV/AIDS Education Spokesperson for the 'American Red Cross.' He has a current commercial promo that speaks out against racism. It shows youngsters that they are a voice, they are a power. Learn from our history and stamp out racism.

Greg has portrayed Sargent Garner Ellerbee on 'Baywatch' for 5 seasons and 'Baywatch Nights' for 1 season. As garner, he faced a dead end career he punches his supervisor in the nose and then quits the L.A.P.D. force. He had always wanted to open a detective agency, so he gets longtime pal Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) to help back him financially and purchased an agency that will become Buchannon, Ellerbee and McBride (Angie Harmon).

Greg left the show in its second season to pursue feature film projects. He appeared in the independent feature film 'Stag' (Mario Van Peebles and Ben Gazzarra) and in the action film 'True Blue' (Maria Conchita-Alonzo).