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Hi I'm Paige, Welcome, He-O!

My name is Paige. My Aunt Becki didn't put my full name, because there are lots of wierdos that take kids they see on the Internet. Bad wierdos! My Aunt Becki calls me Scooby squishy face. She is the person that made this page for me. I don't have time to do it myself, cause I like to play. I like to watch Elmo, (Melmo) I watch Elmopalooza every day. I like Barney.(My daddy doesn't) I really love Teletubbies! I love LaaLaa. Thats cause my favorite color is yellow! I can dance like her! My favorite food is cheese, and I love to drink milk from my tippy cup.
I will be 2 years old in December. I'm learning lots of new words. I'm like a lil magpie! My mommy and Daddy go to work all day so I get to stay with my Aunt Becki. She has three kids older than me, but they like me lots! They play with me and take me to the park. Becki is going to get married to my Uncle Brent, and I get to be the flower girl. My Aunt Becki is busy with this page, and promises to add lots more pictures of me. Check back again to see more of ME!

My Scooby List of Links.

Brent and Becki's Happy Engagement!: Aunt Becki's wedding planning page.
Becki's links page.: URL's to ALL her pages and more!
Barney's official page.: Kids can sign up for his fan club here!
The Children's Television Workshop.: You can find Elmo and all his friends here!
Elmo's private gallery: A great place to see Elmo pictures!
Nicks Elmo page.: Nick and his brother do a great job on this Elmo page! A must see!

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I don't have an e-mail yet, but Aunt Becki is teaching me to e-mail. If you have any questions or comments you can reach me at Becki's. "Att:Paige" beckihrh@gvn.net