A happy united family

A picture of a happy united family,my father as a student of dentistry is on the right side, sitting my grand mother Ida Nachimzon (from Friedberg family) her grand father was the Jewish writer Abraham Shalom Friedberg "Har Shalom" which was a Russian Hebraist,born in Grodno 6 Nov,1838 died in Warsaw in 21 March 1902.in 1883 he became the editor of "Ha-Zefira" and later the editor of "Ha-Meliz",.He settled in Warsaw in 1888 and became the editor of the Hebrew encyclopedia "Eshkol".In the same year he became government censor of Hebrew books in Warsaw. He wrote the books: "Emek Haarazim" 1875 (Vale of cedars) "Kneset Israel"1886,many translations and in 1893 "Korot Hayehudim Be- Sefarad" a history of jews in Spain. His master work was "Zichronot Le Beit David" 3 vols 1893-1895. His last work was "Hatora Ve Ha'Haim" (Tora and life). You may see my uncle Izio on the left side as a child,and my aunt Lila standing in the center.My grandmother Ida and her daughter Lila were killed in Treblinka. My uncle Izio was killed in Getto Warsaw as partisan.on the left column on top,is my father playing the violin,beneath is my grandfather sitting in his garden.


and the true story continues: