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Thulin A 1920. A Swedish car.

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Facts about Renault Juvaquatre        

Renault Juvaquatre 1937-1953

This paticular car was registered the first and only time in 1947-6-18 to a farmer Ferdinand Karlsson, Trekanten, Ljungby. No one else seems to been registered owner to it after him.In the registration paper it says "not suitable for military purpose", which means that the army did not put a requisition in case of war.

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Restoration diary.

1997-06-26: Transportation of the car to my garage. During the following weeks the engine and other parts were cleaned and sand blasted.

1997-10-25: Visited the Swapmeet at Herning, Denmark and bought a generator and two gasket sets for the engine.

1997-10-26 Visited a "dealer in used carparts" in Tollarp, "Skåne", Sweden and bought an oilpump and breaker points.

1998-03-14 Visited the Swapmeet in Herning, Denmark and found a camshaft timing-gear.

2000-02 16 During the 2.5 years that I had the car I have travelled around Sweden and Denmark to many Swap meet looking far parts but found very little. Last autumn I found a Fourgonnette (R2100)  that I bought. I hoped to restor it, but it was in to bad condition so I had to scrap it. Now I have some parts that I don´t need, like a 662 engine, a gearbox type 282, doors and other things that don´t fit to my car. Mail me if you need something.


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Parts I'm looking for.

At the moment I'm looking for: exhaust system, gaskets and all jets for Solex 21 IAC carburettor.I got a mail from Argentina from someone that could help me with parts for the carburetter, but I lost his adress. Please mail me once again.  Water pump repair kit no. 27670. Gasket set for gear box type 213. For engine type 488: bearings, piston and other enginge parts.

I´m also interested in buying upholstery parts in good condition.

If you got any information where to find these part or if you have any kind of information about the car feel free to contact me.

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Thulin A 1920

A rare Swedish car.


AB Enoch Thulins Aeroplanfabrik was one of the first Swedish aeroplane factory. After the founder crashed during a test flight the factory turned over to making cars in 1919. From 1920 to 1927 about 300 cars were made. Today there is about 10-20 cars left. About 10 of them are in driving condition.

This particular car has number 202 and was restored by a handful of enthusiast in Landskrona during 1988-1994. The car is now used for rallies and exhibitions in Sweden and Denmark.

DATA: Engine: 4-cyl, 1400cc, about 20 hp. Top speed: 50 km/h, Weight: 825 kg. Body: Phaeton, built in wood.

This Car participated in the 18th Dresdener Kfz.-Veteranen Rallye at Moritzburg, Dresden, Germany. 12-14.06.1998. This was a very well organized and fantastic rally with lots of spectaters. See pictures here

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