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Bigfoot by Richard Hoyt

Dr. Sonya Popoleyev, of the St. Petersburg Institute of Primate Study, hires P.I. John Denson and his partner, self-proclaimed shaman Willie Prettybird, for an unusual task--to help her find the legendary Sasquatch. Now on Mount St. Helens, strange things are in the air--something out there definitely looks like Bigfoot, but something looks like snowmobile tracks too.

AMERICA'S BIGFOOT: Fact, Not Fiction by Dmitri Bayanov

For many decades, evidence of a possible living relic hominid has been found in my country (Russia, former Soviet Union). This evidence was gathered and analyzed by a group of hominologists, including myself, associated with the Darwin Museum, in Moscow. Evidence found in North America of a similar being served to greatly heighted our interest. The remarkable film of a possible Bigfoot creature, take by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin at Bluff Creek California in 1967, was greeted with great anticipation. Here, perhaps, was the evidence long-awaited by ourselves and others with similar interests world-wide. The film has been intensively studied by our group since it was first made available to us in December, 1971. The study was spear-headed by Igor Bourtsev and myself. Together, we analyzed the film frame-by-frame and discovered what we feel is conclusive evidence that the creature filmed was a natural being. Until recent years, publication of information in the field of hominology was banned in my country. This book is a testimony by Russian hominologists under our new freedom to the reality of Bigfoot creatures in North America. The book details scientific arguments on the subject and provides specific insights on events that have occurred since the Patterson/Gimlin film was taken. Publication of the work coincided with the film's thirtieth anniversary.

Where Bigfoot Walks : Crossing the Dark Divide by Robert Michael Pyle

The memoirs of a scientist who was granted a Guggenheim fellowship to investigate the Sasquatch legend recount how he found a giant fossil footprint, learned a corroborating Native American legend about a less-evolved race, and more.

Field Guide to the Sasquatch (Sasquatch Field Guide Series) by Society of Cryptozoology

Over the last 150 years, hundreds of Sasquatch sightings have been reported in the western regions of North America. This guide reviews highlights of these encounters and presents the scientific evidence for and against the existence of Bigfoot. Discover what is conjectured about the hominid's habitats, and study a proposed family tree. Partial proceeds from this book help support the International Society of Cryptozoology.

The Field Guide to North American Monsters : Everything You Need to Know About Encountering over 100 Terrifying Creatures in the Wild by W. Haden Blackman

W. Haden Blackman preys on our more eccentric curiosities with his fact-filled Field Guide to North American Monsters. Even the monster-shy will find it hard not to smile when they read sidebars such as "What does bigfoot eat?" (Everything from acorns and honey to tadpoles and salmon.) Seriously and exhaustively researched, this guide covers more than 100 monsters in the following categories: hairy humanoids, lake monsters and sea serpents, flying monsters, dwarves and giants, cryptid animals (animals heretofore unknown to science), beastmen and beastwomen ("humanoids" with numerous animalistic features), supernatural monsters, and the not readily classifiable enigmatic entities such as the bogeymen, phantom felines, and the infamous Mad Gasser of Mattoon.