I'm sure that most of you into the underground have heard of this act. Their debut CD "Dark Medieval Times" blended a great mix of war and dark black metal...really a powerful debut. "The Shadowtrhone", the group's second offering, is along similiar lines yet they seem to be adjusting to a more simplistic and atmospheric sound...this time around their main influence seems to be ENSLAVED's second album rather then the mighty EMPEROR (whom have transcendal into much higher realms). We pose this interview to a sensitive Satyr (songwriter) wich resulted in some intersting answers to say the least...

Greetings Satyr, how are you this eve?
When you read this, our new album "The Shadowthrone" is out. I have already finished four songs from the third album, and by the way the forest around here is dead. It's worse than ever before, I can feel the presence of a evil night.

I was wondering what drove you to start Satyricon?
A natural call to do is the only way I can explain this. I'm a part of it so it becomes a part of Satyricon.

 It seems that you have moved away from the traditional satanic themes...can you explain this? Does the flame still burn?
I havne't moved from Satanism to something else. I have never been a satanist. Though I have shared a lot of ideologies with Satanists. I look upon dark powers as soemthig else thatn just Satan. I have never claimed to be a Satanist therefore I must claim that cultural pride is not anything new, it has been there for along time. It seems like you guys out there haven't realized that Satyricon and Dark Throne were very bound to these themes long before the others followed. Yes, the flame still burns...fon Norway.

 Satyricon's "Dark Meieval Times" focuses on a medieval theme...I think you accomplish this quite well...comments?
Good, you have understood the point. Our medieval revulution is a result of an intense call from the medieval times and atmospheres. It was also used as a way of getting the hordes interested in the middle ages. My feelings concerning these times are difficult to explain with a few written words. I guess you understand.

 To me it seems that there is quite a bit of an Emperor influence in your music...Now Samoth (guitarist of Emperor) has joined your ranks. What will this addition add to Satyricon? And will his imprisonments cripple the band?
Well, he did that a long time ago, in November '93. His addition to the band has not given anything to the compositions as everybody should know by now...I compose all the music in Satyricon!!!! So you think that the first album sounds like Emperor. Since when did Emperor use acoustic guitars? Do they use flute? Where do they have medieval like atmospheres? Does our vocals sound similiar? Our sound? No way! Anyhow I told the other guys in Satyricon, the Emperor guys, Fenriz from Darkthrone and several other persons. They all laughed and told me this was one of the most stupid things they had ever heard. After that they laughed even more. His imprisonment will not cripple the band in any way. It could be that he automatically falls out of the band when he goes to jail, but that will not hurt us. We added him to the line-up because we needed another good musican, not because he was Samoth.

 To me the forests holds something very special...unique, mysterious, and powerful. Do you agree?
In daylight the forest is a very relaxing and comfortable place to be, same goes for the evenings. At night the presence of evil is strong, a very possessed feeling is all I can feel. The forest is my biggest inspirational source for lyrics and music.

 What does the future hold for Sayricon?
Our new album "The Shadowthrone" is for sure out when this is printed. The music speaks for itself, we have palyed the advance for people from f.Ex. Darkthrone, Emperor, Mayhem and Dimmu Borgir and these persons have given us extremely good feedback.

 Lately there have been quite a few bands energing from your kand...what do you thinks new wave?
I do not socialize very much with the scene, but I know most of those with worth knowing. The bands I prefer to "hang around" with is Darkthrone/Isengard and Emperor. The music from Norwegian bands is best. I haven't got a clue on what's going on in the demo scene, but there have been some dawn good albums lately.

 Looking at the visual imagery you incorporate in your works I wanted to ask is visual arts holds any interests with you?
The Kittelsen is my favorite without doubt. I am inspired work of hs.

 The godly band Bathory will appear in these pages...what do you thik of this legendary act?
Bathory is of course a godly band, six great albums in a row is not bad. His solo project sucks.

 It seems that most individuals in the "Black Metal" scene have a big thing against good old Death Metal...where do you stand?
Do you want me to shoot you? This is very patronizing. I am not a fan of such music, and again I must say. I told people in the Norwegian scene about this and they just laughed because they know it's just bullshit. I like Morbid Angel and the first Deicide album, welcome to reality most of us here who have been into the scene for a while like these albums. The rest is shit.

 What about the international scene? Your opinions....
Norway is the source of the best music. The thing about Greece being as good as Norway is just crap. The climate here must be a reason for our musical development. And also the fact that we are Norwegians make us good.

 Varg Vikernes (Count Grishnackh) has gained alot of attention over the past few years...what is your opinion on all this?
I don't know much about it, but it seems like you Americans worship it. I think his nationalistic fight is good, but he was not the first doing that. I also think his way of talking about his former friends is very childish. And the fact that he can't admit that his way of behaving childish is even more childish. I wish he could stick to more intelligent level. The thing is that he's too radical, and individualistic. His Viking belief and others I don't care about. They can do what they want. Satyricon er den siste hedenske jarl og vi har laert os med tiden at vi ma seile skipet selv.

 To end this...
Amyone interested in mechandise can order from Moonfog. Await the rise of the North. Hill vart land.


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The interview was most likely done by Stephen O'Malley, the editor of Descent Magazine.
First published in Descent Magazine, Volume II, back in 1995.
Typed in by Magnus Thor magnusson 21/04/1996, still hungry like a wolf.