She was a young aspiring actress, blonde, and beautiful. Sadly it all ended much to soon. The story of Sharon Tate began as a fairy tale and ended in tragedy. This page is dedicated to the delicate rose that is Sharon Tate. I made this page to preserve her memory in all the good ways. I like to think of Sharon Tate as a beautiful woman who touched the world in the deepest way during her short stay. Let us all open our heart to her memory, remember the good she brought us all, and keep her memory alive the best we can. I know I will never forget Sharon Tate. Never...ever...ever....Thank you Sharon, for coming into our lives, thank you.

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4/14/04: It has been four years since I last updated this website... I tried to log into my account about a year ago to post a note saying I will no longer be updating, but Tripod was giving me a really hard time about that. I could never get logged on. Things seem to finally be fixed, I hope.

I have given a lot of thought to updating this website... Part of me would like to use my now-better HTML skills and make it look pretty before closing it down for good. I want to leave the information up because it is my tribute to Sharon's memory, I just no longer have the drive to continue updating, and yet I hate to leave the website looking like this. I clearly had absolutely no website design experience when I made this website. I think Sharon deserves better so hopefully I will be able to put something together within the next few weeks.

I hope everyone is doing alright.

My best,

Update on Greg's Book 6/7/00:
"The book 'Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders' shipped last week and should be in stores now--Amazon received their copies and should be shipping.

"Be forewarned, though, about the book: I included two crime scene photos including one of Sharon. While I am sure that there will be some people who will be revolted and accuse me of trying to exploit her death, I did it for one very good reason.
"Although there is a note in the back of the book which essentially says this same thing, I included the one picture of Sharon in death because it is a very powerful statement. If I wanted to simply use the pictures for exploitation purposes, I would have used many more--I have hundreds of the crime scene pictures. Rather, though, I want people to understand--and especially Sharon's fans and those who admire and respect and revere her--that I included this one very disturbing photograph because, as many words as I might write about Sharon and her killers, or as many words as I might speak on TV or radio about what I think, I cannot make a more powerful argument about why none of the Manson killers should ever, ever be released from prison than the sheer visceral impact of looking at the savagery they inflicted. People forget how terrible their crimes were--especially I was reminded of this today with Leslie Van Houten's latest parole hearing, and her repeated claims that she had changed and it had been so long ago. People need to be reminded, even if it makes them terribly uncomfortable and keeps them awake the first night after looking at them (as I was when I first saw them), just how horrible these crimes were, and what these people did. I hope that the majority of people will understand this, and agree that the picture, however disturbing, is used to provide a powerful reminder of the need for continued imprisonment, and not simply because I am trying to sell books. This is very important to me, because I have spent so much time in trying to evoke Sharon's life and memory and focus so much attention on the good that her mother and sister did with victims' rights work, and I don't want people to automatically dismiss the book on the basis of one photo, or because Manson is mentioned in the title. I want them to read the book and walk away from it knowing Sharon in a way which was impossible until now, and taking away with them not only a sense of resolution that some good, through the work of her mother and sister, came from her death, but also that none of us can afford to ignore the brutal reality of what happened, because if we do, all of these killers are one step closer to what they want--freedom."

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Recent News

6/7/00: It is with the deepest sadness and a heavy heart that I inform all of Sharons fans that her loving sister, Patti Tate, is with the Angels. Patti Tate followed in her mothers footsteps and fought for victims rights to keep Sharons killers in jail. Patti lost her long hard fight with Breast Cancer Saturday Morning (6/3). Please let us all pray for her 3 children and for the family. At least now Patti feels no pain and is in heaven looking down with Sharon by her side. Rest in Peace Sharon and Patti.
Please go to Patti's site and sign the guestbook with your letters of sympathy.

As always any suggestions on how to make this site better can be E mailed to me. Thanks for paying tribute to the loveliest angel to ever grace this planet. Enjoy your stay and please come back often.

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