Local Blues Bands

Crawlin' KingSnakes

The Crawlin' KingSnakes play at Houligans every Thursday night from 9 p.m. to Midnight. Houligans is located downtown Eau Claire on 415 S. Barstow

The Bone Chillin' Blooze Band(Nine Below Zero)

The great Chicago blues style of The Bone Chillin' Blooze Band isn't very common in the Eau Claire area; but it's here! Grizzly's Grill N' Saloon in Eau Claire is where they play on the first Thursday of every month. Grizzly's is located at 2620 E. Clairemont Ave. next to Pizza Hut. And every Tuesday night at Fischer's White House in Eau Claire. Also, check the Blues Calendar for more information on where the Bone Chillin' Blooze Band will be playing.

Jay Stulo & The Mighty Aces

The sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan can be heard slightly in this great blues singer and guitarist from Fox Valley Jay Stulo. His album is called "Somebody's Knocking." The album was produced by Jim Gaines who also worked with Stevie Ray Vaughan with his albums. Check the Blues Calendar to find out where Jay will be playing next!

Howard "Guitar" Luedtke & Blue Max

Howard is one of those guitar players a person never forgets. With his long hair, beautiful Gibson guitars he plays and the way he can play the guitar will have you coming back for more. Check the Blues Calendar for more information on where Howard will be playing.

James Solberg Band

James usually plays in larger cities but he is from Altoona, Wisconsin. However, on Novermber 15, 1997, James paid a visit to The State: Regional Arts Center downtown Eau Claire. The concert was fantastic. Check out his page for more information on where he'll be playing next.

I know there are more blues bands out there some send me some e-mail and tell me a little bit about them. I'll put them on the page. Thank you.

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