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Welcome to my online music store. You can check out my favorite artists and buy any of their albums (I've listed my favorites) or search for something totally different. Which ever way you slice it, you'll get great music at great prices!

Michelle Tumes
Michelle is new on the scene, but has a beautiful voice with wonderful musics and lyrics. You will enjoy her.

To listen and order her music....
Heaven Will Be Near Me

Rebecca St. James
Rebecca has a nice easy listening sound, but drives deep to the heart of your relationship with God.

To listen and to order.....
You Then Me

Crystal Lewis
Crystal Lewis knows Jesus and her soothing songs call you to faith.

To listen and to order.....
Beauty for Ashes
The Lion and the Lamb

Actually, this is one of my son's favorite groups! I figured that they ought to have a chance to say something here. The younger set should like this group.

The Newsboys Homepage
Take Me to Your Leader
Lost the Plot

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member bob_james.
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