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Take A Cyber Tour Around The World's Largest Bores!
From Alaska to Australia...China to Brazil...Canada to France!!

In 1988 a US Geographical Survey recorded 67 localities worldwide with bores of varying magnitude! From these we have tried to compile information on all those that are (or have been) large enough to surf!

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Thanks to everyone that has donated information to this page!


A Description Of The Girara District, Western Papua: Geographical Journal (Beaver W.N.,1914)
The Tides And Kindred Phenomena In The Solar System (Darwin G.H., 1898)
Catalogue of Worldwide Tidal Bore Occurrences and Characteristics (S. Bartsch-Winkler & D. Lynch, 1988)

Photos On This Page

World Map ©The Learning Company, Inc.
Turnagain Arm, Alaska ©John Markel
Yanguan Town, China ©Dr J Eric Jones
Amazon, Brazil ©Nick Carrol
Port Of Saint Pardon, France ©Fabrice Colas
Schubenacadie Bore, Canada ©Schubenacadie River Runners

***Information Required***
We require information on any bores occuring in Asia and Australasia.
Anyone with photos or information they would like to contribute then please
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