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Girl Scout Ceremonies

Investiture/Rededication Ceremonies

Adult Investiture/Rededication
At each *, a candle should be lit.
Leader: Today (tonight) we come in silence as we rededicate ourselves to Scouting. We light three candles signifying the three parts of the Promise as we renew it.
All: On my honor, I will try to serve God & my country, *
To help people at all times, *
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.*
Leader: Our opportunity comes to us through value – the right to grow through our experience in the Promise and Law. This candle becomes bright as we realize our golden opportunities. *
Adult: On my honor, I will TRY. I cannot succeed if I do not try. So, I will try, and although I may not always succeed, I will grow with each new experience as I put into practice the Promise and Law.
Leader: Our goal is to help girls be good citizens today & active citizens tomorrow. *
Adult: I am proud of God and my country. And on my honor, I will try to serve God, my country and to help people at all times to the best of my ability.
Leader: The Scout loves her country and has knowledge of its relationship to the world. *
Adult: All women are sisters. We learn that there are many likenesses in all people, but where there are differences we gain exciting opportunities for understanding.
Leader: The pathway of Girl Scouting grows broader as more people become involved. *
Adult: Others need me. It is good to know that I have skills and knowledge which can make someone else happier.
Leader: Opportunities to develop into a more capable person are given to the Girl Scout as she assumes her role in the troop and in her patrol. *
Adult: I am a link in the golden chain of Girl Scouting. I can be no stronger than each link.
Leader: Each Scout is an individual, and by keeping herself forever fit, she is better ready to serve others and enjoy everyday living. *
Adult: It is my privilege to keep myself physically fit, to live with kind thought and unselfish deeds and to keep myself morally strong.
Leader: And so, the light grows brighter as it now fills this room and these hearts with the flame of accomplishment.
Pin new leaders and have each repeat the Promise, if desired.

Brownie Investiture (Light Humor)
Three Brownies:
1. Carries a big sign saying “I am an Owl”
2. Carries a big sign saying “I am a Tree”
3. Carries a smaller sign saying “So Am I”
Leader enters with three or four Brownies and all repeat the Promise They will form a horseshoe on stage so that at the conclusion of the Law all can repeat the Promise and sing a short song.
In Girl Scouting we have one Law with ten parts.
I will do my best to be honest and fair
(Three girls enter with each holding a glass and one holding a bottle of opened pop. She pours a little into each glass making sure they are equal and says “Now let’s be as fair as we can about this”)
I will do my best to be friendly and helpful
(A Brownie enters with a lop-sided cake and proudly announces that she helped her mother make this lovely cake. Mother enters with flour all over her and her hair a mess and a general disheveled appearance)
I will do my best to be considerate and caring
(Two girls appear in archway and take turns saying “You go first - No you go first” Repeat about four times then both crowd through archway together)
I will do my best to be courageous and strong
(Two girls enter, one wielding a whip and a chair, like she is taming a lion, the other lifting a “heavy” object over her head)
I will do my best to be responsible for what I say and do
(One or two girls enter carrying stuffed “pets”, pretending that they are real. They are feeding, watering, brushing and walking them. They also talk to them lovingly.)
I will do my best to respect myself and others
(Three girls enter, each holding a small hand mirror. Looking into the mirror, they say to themselves “I respect you, I respect you, I respect you”. They then turn to each other and repeat the same thing.)
I will do my best to respect authority
(Three girls and an older scout. The girls form a straight line. The older girl gives orders such as “About face” “Left face” “Right face”. Each girl turns in opposite direction for general confusion)
I will do my best to use resources wisely
(A Scout dressed VERY outlandishly such as purple socks, green skirt, red sweater, blue blouse, etc., with everything fitting very poorly.)
She says:
My mother sent me shopping, now wasn’t that very nice
I got all these lovely bargains at half their normal price
I will do my best to make the world a better place
(Some girls enter with pet rocks and potted plants. One shows others the new house she just made for her pet rock. Others talk to their plants, etc.)
I will do my best to be a sister to every Girl Scout
(Two girls enter wearing outfits with the sleeves and skirts sewn together)
They then say (in unison)
Some people say sisters argue
I’m sure this you’ve heard
But the thing that describes us best
You’ll find, inseperable’s the word
Everyone repeats the Girl Scout Promise and sings "Girl Scouts Together"

Brownie Pond Investiture
Props Needed: Brownie Girl Scout “Pond” (can be constructed from a piece of cardboard covered with foil and border with greenery, or use a mirror and border with greenery, or use a real one!)
Also need Brownie Pins for each new member. They can be placed on the floor by the pond.
Lay pond on the floor in the middle of the ceremony area. If desired, new members can be sent outside with the assistant leader. If new girls stay in the room, they should be on one side of the pond and the other girls should be on the other. All stand or sit around the “pond” and then the leader says the magic words:
Cross your little fingers, stand upon your toes
That’s a bit of magic every Brownie knows
Now we all are standing in a forest glade
Listen very carefully, see the magic made
If the new Brownies have been sent outside, the girls knock on the door
The leader with the troop asks: “Who comes to the Brownie woods?”
Brownies-to-be: “We do”
Leader: “What do you want?”
Brownies-to-be: “We want to be Brownie Girl Scouts”
The leader may ask why, and the girls may give their own reasons (help them prepare them before the ceremony if you plan on asking). Then they enter and gather around the pond. At this point you may have a simple dramatization of the Brownie Story by the older Brownies or the leader may tell or read the story to the girls.
Leader: Who comes first (or next) to the Magic Pond?
Co-Leader: (Reads girls names, one by one, alphabetically)
Leader: Turns girls, one by one, while saying:
“Twist me and turn me and show me the elf
I looked in the water and saw _______________”
Girl: Myself!
Leader pins on Brownie Pin, gives the girl the Girl Scout handshake and welcomes her to Girl Scouting.
After each girl receives her pin, the Leader says:
Uncross your little fingers, down from off your toes
Then the magic goes away, everybody knows
Older Brownies can help clean up the “magic” while the leader sings this song:
(Sung to the tune of London Bridge)
Weave the magic in and out, in and out, in and out
Weave the magic in and out, for we are Brownies
We have tidied everything, everything, everything
We have tidied everything, for we are Brownies

Cadette & Senior Rededication Ceremony
Setting: Room is dark except for thirteen lit candles.
Leader: We know our Promise & our Law. We have recited it many times over the years. We may have questioned its importance in our life or forgotten its value.
But, what would the world be like if we stopped serving God and our country? (blow out one candle)
What would the world be like if we stopped helping people in need? (Blows out one candle)
What would the world be like if we stopped living by the Girl Scout Law? (blows out one candle) (At this point, Leader can pause, then blow out all ten remaining, or continue…)
What would the world be like if we all chose to be dishonest & self-serving? (Blows out one candle)
Continue through the law until all candles are out & room is dark. Pause.

If we choose this path, our world becomes very dark. Pause
But I, _________, make a commitment today to serve God and my country. (Re-light first candle)
Who else wants to renew their Promise and Law?
Allow girls to re-light each candle while they say their part of the Promise and Law.
Girl: I, _______, make a commitment to __________ (be honest & fair, etc.)
Close with a favorite Girl Scout song.

Flowers of Friendship Investiture/Rededication
The original ceremony appears in “Ceremonies in Girl Scouting”, however, this is updated to reflect the recent changes in the Girl Scout Law
Items needed: Ten groups of flowers, a container to set flowers in, sachets or potpourri for each girl.
Welcome to our investiture/rededication ceremony. In almost all countries and cultures there are ceremonies to mark important events in life - days of celebration, sad days, joyous days, days on which a special commitment is made, days that mark an achievement. Girl Scouts, too, have ceremonies to mark important events and significant days. Tonight we are here to confirm or reaffirm our belief in the Girl Scout Promise and Law. The Girl Scout Promise and Law are the foundation of all Girl Scouting. The Promise is like a basket that holds flowers. Flowers have always played and important role in human life. From the very earliest times, they have been given as tokens of love and respect and have served in ceremonies and rituals of all types. The flowers we mention in this ceremony symbolize the ten parts of the Girl Scout Law.
Main Part of Ceremony:
Please join me in repeating the Girl Scout Promise (All girls recite).
And now we will dedicate ourselves to living the Girl Scout Law (as each part of the Law is read, the corresponding flower is placed in the basket)
I will do my best to be:
honest and fair,

This part of the law is represented by the white chrysanthemum. It shows truth, honor, trustworthiness, equality and fairness.
friendly and helpful,
The zinnia represents thoughtfulness about friends, while Baby's Breath represents generosity.
considerate and caring,
Together, a red and a white Rose stand for a warm and caring heart.
courageous and strong,
The garlic plant grows anywhere and has a strong flavor. It represents courage and strength of character and body. The Indian paintbrush shows cheerfulness even in difficulty.
and responsible for what I say and do,
The gladiola symbolizes strength of character, maturity, and responsibility. Binding it with straw, we show that we honor our word and keep our agreements.
and to respect myself and others,
The white Rose and white zinnia show that we hold ourselves worthy and good. Winter Greens symbolize the harmony we try to keep between ourselves and others.
respect authority,
The daffodil represents careful thought, attention, and concern. With the daffodil, we are saying that we hold others in high regard.
use resources wisely,
The foxglove shows thriftiness. When we use our resources wisely, we are being thrifty.
make the world a better place,
The cattail represents the peace we are trying to bring to the world when we help others. The Caladium shows the great joy and delight we take in the world around us.
and be a sister to every Girl Scout.
With the striped carnation, we are saying that we think about those Girl Scouts and Guides who are not here with us. It helps indicate our love for our fellow Scouts and Guides.
The sachet (or potpourri) symbolizes our dedication to the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Flowers alone do not last. The sachet (or potpourri), a combination of color, texture, shape, and aroma of each of the symbolic flowers, will always remind us of our commitment. A gift of fragrance is a gift of remembrance.

Great Thoughts Rededication
1: Girl Scouting is not a world apart, but a part of the world. As we dedicate ourselves today, let us keep in mind ways in which we can make Girl Scouting an even stronger part of our world.
Here are some thoughts:
2: Juliette Low frequently reminded the National Board, when much organizational planning had to be done, “We mustn’t lose sight of the girls. The girls must always come first.”
3: Thomas Edison said, “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.”
4: Thank you for loaning me your daughter. For letting her make me smile. For letting her be a Girl Scout.
5: We cannot learn from one another – until we stop shouting at one another; until we speak quietly enough that our words can be heard as well as our voices.” – Richard Nixon
6: Girls are the only reason for Girl Scouting. Everything in Girl Scouting is designed for their needs and interests.
7: Look up and not down – Look forward and not back – Look out and not in – Lend a hand.
8: According to Peter Drucker, often called the founding father of the discipline of management, “The best run organization in the United States is the Girl Scouts. Tough, hardworking women can do anything.”
9: Girl Scouting is people. People like you who give their time, their energy, and their love to help prepare today’s girls for tomorrow’s world.
10: Let’s all join together in saying the Girl Scout Promise.

Junior Rededication Ceremony
Opening: Friendship Circle
Leader: We gather here today to join hearts and hands in the spirit of friendship. We welcome our new Girl Scouts & rededicate those girls who have been with us in years past.
New Girl 1: I bring to the log a candle of green. The color symbolizes the riches I find in the values and lessons of Girl Scouting. (Insert candle into middle hole)
New Girl 2: I bring to the log a candle of royal blue. The color royal blue symbolizes the admiration that I have for myself and for my fellow Girl Scouts across the world. (Insert blue candle next to green)
New Girl 3: I bring to the log a candle of white. The color white symbolizes the honesty that I will practice toward others and Girl Scouts around the world. (Insert white candle on other side of green candle)
New Girl 4: I bring to the log a candle of silver. The color silver represents all girls new to Girl Scouting. May we all become true friends. (Insert silver candle next to white candle)
New Girl 5: I bring to the log a candle of gold. This gold candle represents all members of this troop that have been down the Girl Scout road of adventure for many years together. May we all continue down the same path for years to come. (Insert gold candle next to blue candle)
Leader(s): We now intertwine the candles, holding them together with a rope of leadership. Under my (our) guidance, may these girls continue on the path of kindness towards each other and all Girl Scouts around the world. (Weave rope between the candles)
All: Recite the Girl Scout Promise
Closing: Friendship circle, & sing “Make New Friends”

Leader’s Rededication
This can be used at a troop meeting, or a service unit meeting and can even be used as an Investiture for new leaders.
We, the leaders of (level) troop (number), members of the Girl Scout of the United States of America, united by the belief in God and by acceptance of the Girl Scout Promise & Law;
And inspired by the aims of the founder of Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell, and the founder of Girl Scouting in the united States, Juliette Gordon Low;
Do dedicate ourselves to the purpose of inspiring girls with the highest ideals of character, conduct, patriotism, and service, that they may become happy & resourceful citizens.
NOTE: If you are doing this at a SU meeting, change the first line to “We, the leaders of (Service unit name)”

Lesson of The Pearls Rededication
Set Up:
Parts assigned
Treasure Chest
2 Candles
10 Large Plastic Pearls
Leader 1: Tonight we are gathered to share in the dedication of our new and old leaders to the ideas of Girl Scouting.
Leader 2: At this time, the members of _______ Service Unit will share with each other the “Lesson of the Pearls,” found in our discovered treasure chest of Girl Scouting.
Pearl 1: The first pearl stands for WISDOM. You have shown your joy in exploring wisdom through Girl Scouting. (Place pearl in treasure chest)
Pearl 2: The second pearl shall symbolize BEAUTY. You are beautiful to your sister Girl Scouts, for you give of yourself. (Place pearl in chest)
Pearl 3: The third pearl is STRENGTH. You are the strength of the future in Girl Scouting. (Place pearl in chest)
Pearl 4: The fourth pearl will symbolize TRUTH. You are an example of the truth of the ideas of Girl Scouting. (Place pearl in chest)
Pearl 5: The fifth pearl will be FIDELITY. You have kept your promise and affirmed it for life. (Place pearl in chest)
Pearl 6: The sixth pearl is our symbol for FELLOWSHIP. You have extended the hand of friendship and you have gained the rewards. (Place pearl in chest)
Pearl 7: The seventh pearl is COOPERATION. You are an example of cooperation and your many accomplishments reflect your willingness to work in harmony with others. (Place pearl in chest)
Pearl 8: The eighth pearl will stand for LOYALTY. You are committed to the Law of Girl Scouting and strive to live by it. (Place pearl in chest)
Pearl 9: The ninth pearl is for VISION. You can see the future of Girl Scouts and you will do your part to ensure its continued success. (Place pearl in chest)
Pearl 10: The tenth pearl will stand for service. You continue to give of yourself to others in need. (Place pearl in chest)
Leader 1: You stand here, a golden link in our chain of green and gold. A chain of friendship that encircles the globe. Our chain is made strong by your caring, your sharing, and your desire to be the best that you can be.
Leader 2: Our wish is for you to explore the treasures to be found in our chest of pearls. Remember to always be a golden link in our chain of friendship and let nothing break this chain of green and gold. Please join me in reciting the Girl Scout Promise.
All: Recite Promise

Lighted Candles
Scene: A table, with 13-candle board/log on it; flanked by American and GSUSA flag.
1st Speaker: " Tonight we are here in to invest those who have joined Girl Scouts for the first time this year. We are also here to rededicate each member, new and old, to the Girl Scout Promise and Law. You should all understand that these are the ideals by which Girls Scouts try to live, and through which we, as leaders, help girls to gain worthy citizenship." [a large candle is lighted, house lights are dimmed].
2nd Speaker: " Before you, you see a golden flame The flame symbolizes a Girl Scout's honor, which must never be dimmed. When a Girl Scout makes a promise, she is placing her honor, the brightest thing in her life, before her fellow Girl Scouts, her leaders, her parents, and her friends. Girls should understand that giving the Girl Scout Promise on one's honor is a serious thing. "
3rd Speaker: "From this golden flame we light the flame of duty to God and country. "[light small candle and say:]
ON MY HONOR I WILL TRY: to serve God and my country
4th Speaker: "We light the flame of duty to people." [light second small candle and say:]
ON MY HONOR I WILL TRY: to help people at all times
5th Speaker: "We light the flame of duty to self." [light third small candle and say;]
ON MY HONOR I WILL TRY: to live by the Girl Scout Law
6th Speaker: "We now bring to light the flames of the Girl Scout Law, which make bright and clear the trail that leads from girlhood to womanhood. Let us all stand and repeat together the Girl Scout Law."
Pause until all stand; then 10 more candles are lighted as the ten parts of the law are said.
7th Speaker: "These burning candles represent the points of the law and promise and how they brighten the life of the Girl Scout who observes them. When through practice they become a part of our daily lives, they also brighten the lives of all whom we come in contact."
8th Speaker: "We can too easily forget that the Girl Scout Promise is a serious pledge. We must guard against repeating the Promise and the Law in a parrot-like manner, as though the words were meaningless. "
[Ceremony continues with house lights turned on. Each member present (who wishes to) is invited to say a few words about what being a Girl Scouting has meant to her.]
[Song, "On My Honor", is sung.]

9th Speaker: "Sisters, we are fortunate to be members of the greatest organization of women and girls: the World Association of Girls Scouts and Girl Guides. It is a privilege to wear the emblems of Girl Scouting. The whole world admires and respects us."
[Participants stand while leader puts pins on each one]
Closing: "With our ceremony ended, we now put out these candles. But we do so with the certain knowledge that we carry the flame of Girl Scouting eternally with us, in our hearts."

On My Honor This is a simple investiture ceremony that is always memorable. Have girls form a horseshoe. Each girl hold a fresh or artificial daisy. The leader & co-leader stand in the middle of the horseshoe with a table in front of them. On the table are three candles in a holder, a candle snuffer (a spoon will work) a Girl Scout pin for each new girl & an empty vase. Feel free to use note cards to help each girl (and adult) remember her part.
Leader: For several weeks, we have been learning about what it means to be a Girl Scout. We have learned the Girl Scout Motto.
Girl 1: Our motto is “Be Prepared.”
Co-leader: We have learned the Girl Scout slogan.
Girl 2: Our slogan is: “Do a good turn daily.”
Leader: Most importantly, we have learned the Girl Scout Law.
Girls 3-12 each say a part of the law
Co-leader: Will the continuing members of the troop please come forward and renew their Girl Scout Promise.
Continuing members come forward and make their Promise together. They each place their daisy in the vase and shake hands (Girl Scout hand shake) with the leader & co-leader.
Leader: Will the new members come forward.
New members come to table
Leader: The promise you are about to make has three parts. On the table are three candles which we will light to help you remember your first day as a Girl Scout. Let us say the Girl Scout Promise.
Co-leader lights three candles as girls say promise.
Leader: Please come forward to receive your Girl Scout pin.
New girls come up, one at a time, place their daisy in the vase, go to the leader to receive their pin, give the Girl Scout hand shake and return to the circle.
Troop sing: Suggested song is “When’er You Make A Promise”
Leader: Now that you have made the Promise and received your pin, you are an official Girl Scout. Let’s think for a moment about this lovely bouquet of daisies. Daisy was the nickname of our founder, Juliette Low. She loved her country and the world, and wanted every girl to be the best that she could be. I hope through our activities this year that you will have fun & learn to be the best you can be.

An Investiture & Rededication For Leaders Written by Cathron Deutsch, San Jacinto Council, GSUSA
Being a Girl Scout Leader is like making a quilt.
First, we gather together our scraps – our girls – from different origins and cuts of material. Some are shy, unimposing – like pale pastels. Others are dizzy patterns of vibrant color.
We must bind them together, matching their sameness, blending their differences.
The thread of scouting is strong. Our own hands must be steady and sure, patiently making each stitch small and even.
Until – finally – the quilt is finished, with a background of the Promise and Law and a thick padding of love and understanding. And though each patch is different, together they are stong, beautiful, and warm.
And the seamstress can be proud.
This, then, is Girl Scouting. It is the Girl Scouting of returning leaders and the Girl Scouting of leaders to come. Would the new leaders please step forward to make their Promise and a commitment toward building such a patchwork piece.
New leaders come forward and make their Promise, then receive their pins & Girl Scout handshake.
Now, would the continuing leader rise & commit themselves to continuing their pieces of patchwork by making the Promise together?
Returning leaders stand and make the Promise.
Let us all join in singing “When’er You Make A Promise”
Put a patchwork quilt on a stand or in a hoop. Speaker could even be seated & actually working on a quilt. Each leader could be given a small piece of patchwork as a momento, etc.

A Symbolic Investiture/Rededication
(this ceremony can also be adapted for use on Thinking Day)
All: Repeat the Girl Scout Promise
Juliette Gordon Low knew well that time flies swiftly,
Today is soon tomorrow,
And all of our tomorrows lie in the hands of our youth.
Her gift to youth was Girl Scouting.
And her dream a tree of fellowship grown from a tiny seed.
She knew the seed would ripen
The tree grew
Nourished by faith
Watered by service
Tended by love.
(Light one small candle to light the rest of the candles with)
Girl 1: This candle is for the founder of Girl Scouting in the United States, Juliette Gordon Low.
Girl 2: We watch the glowing flame with grateful thoughts of Girl Scouts here and abroad who have put their friendship to a special test and found it true.
Girl 3: This candle is for the founder of all Guiding and Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell.
Girl 4: We light the candles of friendship. These are symbols of our pledge as Girl Scouts of friendship to all the world, and a special friendship to Girl Scouts everywhere. The flames are small, but burn steady and bright. We light them with the thoughts of friendship glowing steadily and brightly in our hearts.
Girl 5: This candle is for all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides wherever they may be tonight.
Girl 6: This candle is for service to our country.
Girl 7: This candle is for the hope of peace in every land.
Girl 8: This candle says “Good luck to all who are away from home.”
Girl 9: This candle is for the Girl Scout law.
Girl 10: This candle is for the Promise we make as Girl Scouts.
Speaker: We quench the flame of our candles, but the flame of friendship still glows in our hearts. May we always be true and helpful friends to each other and to all mankind.
(Leader pins each girl and gives the Girl Scout handshake) All candles are extinguished EXCEPT the Juliette Low candle. This candle is put out after the final song.
All: Sing “Girl Scouts Together” (or other appropriate song)

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