Hi there to all loyal Bros fans (and people just boredly surfing the net)...

I created this page nearly 2 years ago for a reason - after surfing relentlessly to find info on my favourite Boy band from the mid to late 1980s, Bros, I found nothing. Not a skerrick of information, not a picture, nothing. So I set out to change all that.

Anyone who follows the net closely, may know this fact - I created the very first webpage dedicated to the band Bros, and the guys who made up the band. Matt, Luke and Craig. For a while, I stayed the only webpage dedicated to any of them.

Others soon jumped on the band wagon, however. I have little problem with this, as the increased dissemination of information only leads to increased popularity of the artists, which invariably leads to more albums produced for those of us loyal from the start to enjoy.

This makes me happy. However......

The increased flux of pages dedicated to the subject and people which I began has led to fewer and fewer visits to my website, and as a result I have seen little point in updates and making changes. I thank all those people who have given me support, but enough is enough.

Since I started this fad, I am happy to say that I have corrupted enough others (ha ha ha ha) to begin their own pages on Bros, Matt and (perhaps one day) Luke, that it is no longer necessary for me to keep up my site. The work I put into it was mine, the pictures were mine, and the CDs were mine. I am hereby reasserting my claim to them by removing them from public scrutiny, and returning them to my personal collection. Those of you who have enjoyed them over the years, please continue to do so. I must admit, there are some great pictures.

Oh, yeah, and I am just a bit tired of being coerced into advertising for corporate crap on my page. Stuff your incentives. I only did this for fun, and there is nothing you can offer me which will change that. So (two fingers, rampant) to those of you who don't get the whole "doing this for fun" thing. I pray to the Y2K bug for you.

Here's to the next Matt Goss album - may it go Platinum!!

My work here is done.