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Interview with Capricornus Taken from Petrified Zine #3
Interview with Rob Darken Taken from Pit Magazine #15

Interview with Capricornus of Graveland

Tell me about the beginning of Graveland?

Graveland has been playing itís dark and evil music since the winter of 1991. As a one-man band, Darken released 3 promo tapes and one demo called "Necromanteion", but this is a dark past behind the veil of fog. The true Graveland was born in the winter of 1993. After six months of rehearsals, ancient gods gave of their bless, and as a due we recorded demo #2 "In The Glare Of The Burning Churches". In December of 1993 a new guitarist named Karcharoth joined us. With this line up with released "The Celtic Winter" mini-CD which is available on No Colours Records in Germany. Nowadays, we are just after the release of our debut LP/CD "Carpathian Wolves".

Why did you decide to get more members?

Tenebrian Warriors must stand strong and united before the great battle Our destiny was to play together.

What merchandise do you have available?

We have available the "Celtic winter" mini-CD and T-shirts, also Carpathian Wolves LP/CD. If there is anyone interested to order some of them, just us for prices, ect.. I wonít write here about prices because I think that black metal zines exist to spread the dark message and ideology, no to make business.

What does Graveland stand-for?

Graveland stands for death, hate and destruction-that which leads us to chaos-the end and the beginning of the cycle. After the great tribulation period, when the dawn of the new aeon comes weíll stand for new European pagan empire, united Aryan power under the banners with cammadion! The dream will turn into reality.this time the world!

What should be destroyed?

Well, there is so many that should be destroyed. In the first row to extermination I see; all worshiper or organized mass-religions, cripples, pacifists and Anton Lavey!

Why do you hate bands such as Bundeswehra, Necrochist, ect?

We HATE these assholes, because they are total fakes, liars and Death Metal listeners that claim to be Satanist! Forget Polish shit such as Bundeswehra, Necrochist, Pandemonium, Taranis-fuck these Lavey asslickers!

What are some true bands from Poland?

The only true Black Metal bands from Poland belong to the Temple of the Fullmoon and they are armed wing know as Legion. Some names you should know are; Mysteries, Inferum, fullmoon, and of course Graveland.

Has there been any church Burning in your area?

Poland is not to big of a country, so too many churches couldnít be burnt. As I know about 5 churches have been burning in Poland lately. Surely there will be more burning soon.

What inspires the unholy symphonies of Graveland?

Our music in inspired by many dark and uncommon things Dark sounds are reflections of ourselves, our black souls, but there is a lot of fascinating phenomenons around us. Darkness of the night, mysticism of dark forests, pure atavistic hate, murders that give rule over life and death. This is the true face of evil, our face, and we want to spread it by our "Unholy symphonies".

What do you think of the Satanic Bible?

Iíd like to recommend this book for all blinded sheeps that lost belief in almighty Jehovah. After the reading of "Satanic Bible" you can find another herd of idiots where such creatures as you await you! The greatest ram as a lot of interesting ideas and he claims to be a Black Pope. Imagine that he knew all the secrets of life and death, but he can give you most of them for, hmm, maybe a 100 bucks for a start. Good Luck!

What do the following words mean to you: Winter, Celtic, Fire?

Every word is something like a symbol. These 3 words are especially deep in my soul Winter-undoubtly the greatest season of the year, season of the trail. Mother nature sends us winter and only the strong ones can stay living, weak must die in the cold. So winter brings us the law of the strong, the genius of almighty nature. Nights are so long, dark; winds are so cold Blood looks so red on the snow. Celtic-this word symbolized the great ancient culture of our proud Europe. It is taken from the times of Pagan glory, pride and honor, when the blood of Europeans was pure Fire-elemental that for us symbolized destruction-the opposition of water this is also a kind of weapon in our war By the fire and sword we fight all weakness and Christianity.

Have you ever had any problems with any rip-offs?

We donít have any problems with anyone!

What do you think about the so-called "scene" in Florida?

Personally, I donít listen to commercial and trendy music such as Death Metal. The only bands I respect are Morbid Angel and Deicide. The rest can fuck off!

What about the bands that used to play Death Metal before, and now claim to play "True Unholy Black Metal"?

It is not important that they were playing Death Metal in the past. The only important thing is what they feel. Maybe a few years ago they didnít have possibilities to realize their black plans. Some great Norwegian bands were just usual Death Metal groups. For example listen to the first Darkthrone LP, Count Grishnackh was a member of Old Funeral, Thomas and Vegard of Emperor were playing in a death band called Embryonic but it doesnít mean they are trendy or something. NO! Just listen to Darkthrone, Burzum, Emperor For me itís the truest Black Metal.

Thanks for your time, do you have any last comments?

Thanx for this interview and your dark support Finally let me greet my American brothers: Lord Vlad Luciferian of Grand Belialís Key, Scott Reap of Sinter Order of Fenrir and Jack Grimes-The Dictator of Aryan Racial Loyalists Party. May the power of Darkness be with you!

special thanks to Thorns (via Jim Weigand) for the interview.

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Graveland Interview in Pit magazine, issue No. 15

Graveland are serious business; almost too serious, bordering on grounds not only shunned by normal society, but by many in the underground music scene, as well. Guitarist, vocalist and Graveland leader Robert Fudali (Darken) is all too aware of this fact. "I think soon that Graveland's music will be forbidden, because of our vision of anti-Democracy and the European union," he told me. Their mixture of extreme political and ideological views in black metal are no gimmic. The small stack of written propaganda sitting on my desk makes this all too clear. If the gamut of black metal was based on selling their anti-social narcotic, Graveland are pushing the equivalent of pure, black death.

"Graveland was born at the beginning. Time did not exist then;there was only darkness. Graveland was born from hate dreaming in our lands. We take revenge for our dying ancestors who protected our pagan lands from our foes who wanted to destroy the harmony of nature. Christianity brought false goodness,"Darken stated, relating the bands' origin."Graveland knew this. Our souls burn with fire of hate and retribution! Aryan race wake up! The new era of paganism and darkness is coming. Graveland will show you the way. Start the holocaust again, kill Jews and Christians.Destroy the false god of Jesus Christ! I, Darken, the Black Druid of Darkness, Karcharoth of Infernum and Capricornus are the spirits of war. We come from the land of everlasting funerals; from the unholy winer. We are three angels of retribution. War!"

During their four-year existance, the band has produced a stream of worthy black metal music. The debut demo, Necromanteion only hinted at the horror to come. Two promo tapes, one titled "Drunemeton", led to the awesome "Epilogue" and "In the Glare of Burning Churches" demos and "The Celtic Winter" and "Carpathian Wolves" CDs. Their latest, "Thousand Swords", is a virtual masterpiece. Quite literally, it is a symphony of the damned. When reviewing the advance of "Thousand Swords", I was so moved by the overwhelming negativity in their music, I wrote, "no one outside the darkest individual will find any common ground with Graveland." More specifically, Darken's ungodly, repulsive vocals are hideous even to the music itself. Darken claimed his voice "comes from deep within my dark, hurt soul. It is cold and sharp as a dagger. Old Emperor and Bathory were influences years ago", he said. The only inspirations for his newest recording were "old pagan music and the sadness from the middle ages."

"There is a great deal of my private spirit in the music of Thousand Swords. My spirit is full of darkness, my soul is hurt. I try to soothe my soul by playing music and burning fucking Christian temples until the smoke covers the world," he said. "Although our aim for playing it is the same, Graveland is different from other black metal bands musicas ours' is soulful. We feel this. We know when we listen to music if theman who plays it is happy or sad, good of evil. The true dark souls who feel my hate and sadness understand me. They understand what Thousand Swords is is really all about. My voice is the call of my soul, burning with fire and hate. Suffering, I close my eyes and think I am dying at the stake. My voice takes the suffering far away with teh smoke and the wind."

Much of the bands drive comes in their convictions to drawing power directly from their natural surroundings and transferring it into theirmusic. Darken said his homeland provides that same power as found in the Scandinavian countries. "Great silver power of Mianhord takes careof my destiny and creates my dreams. I take power from Sleza Mountain,the spirit of trees and rivers; all these holy pagan lands give me power.The power sleeps within the lands and my old gods. My faith is strong. Soon, the awakening gods will comply with the destiny of the universe.The destiny of the Aryan race is victory.

By now, it should be painfully obvious that spreading their extreme political stance is just as important to Graveland as playing black metal music itself. The bands literature and promotional ads promote The Temple of the Fullmoon, which Darken characterized as a "very large, elitist organization, comprising of five separite legions who moniter the order in the black metal underground. Most people think Poland is a rip off. It is true. There are many fuckers and poseurs right now, but we are tracking them down and destroying them all! According to Darken, The Temple of the Fullmoon is "the only true satanic organization in Poland" and is dedicated to educating those involved "to the coming era of a new war, a new holocaust and a new Fuhrer who will lead the strong and powerful youth educated in pagan traditions." Graveland fully supports The Temple of the Fullmoon and "all true hordes from Poland."This participation reinforces their dark malevolence.

"Our words and our music are directed against the Judeo-Christian system of worth. We hate. We are strong and dangerous! Poland is a country of fanatical Catholics. We play music because we are in the underground,but Christians must know that there is a satanic danger that will destroytheir god. We hate democracy because it is propaganda used to reign oversilly, weak people under the rich Jews conspiricy. Democracy makes foolsof people who think they are free. In fact, these people are slaves tothe system. These laws give power to the rich. Burn democracy!"

A great deal of information on the Polish black metal movement can befound in the War Newsletter, published by Isengard Distribution. Isengard is Darken's own label and exclusively distibutes all Graveland releases. One circulated ad for Isengard used a modified swastika emblem superimposed over a pentagram and boasts supporting "fascism and nazism as the only political powers that are able to oppose Christianity and the Vatican."Both the Temple of the Fullmoon and Graveland support this view and the spreading terrorist activity on holy site in Poland. "We have muchtime for activity to continue the work started in Norway. Churches burn."The Norwegians would be proud.

"In Poland, new neo-fascism powers are rising. Its theories are near to our ideology, so we support it. War is the first duty of all who live for Darkness or Paganism," he professes. "In Europe, neo-fascismis re-born and Europe must re-emerge in a new spirit. It will lead to big changes in the future. We have to take power from old, true traditions of these lands. We chose the way of war, because we have to wage war againstthe sub-human races from Turkey, Africa and Rumania. Destroy Negroes and other sub-men! They destroy our traditions and culture. Europe must be cleansed from this fucking shit! Europe only for white Aryan race!"

Here in America, the land of the First Amendment, our system thrives on democracy. It protects all the radicals from being lynched, especially people like Graveland who preach such extreme views. With politically motivated acts like the Oklahoma City bombing ganing international attention, Darken was all too keen in letting his review go public in his support of the explosive bloodshed.

"It was a very positive act. It is a pity it didn't kill your fuckingpresident, that Jew, Bill Clinton. Fuck Clinton! Your country is, in fact, very weak," he said. "You have many sub-men who destroy yourcountry and a Jew is your president! You have to kill them all! Nothing lasts forever. the U.S.A. is a fucking pseudo-democracy where the only god is money. You must do something about this! Prepare a new area of darkness and retribution!"

Besides chasing democracy with a spiked club, purging the black metalunder ground of capitalists is another full time responsibility Graveland strive to accomplish. "The Jews musical machine wants to absorb blackmetal and create a new fashionable alternative to death metal," hestated, citing Osmose Productions as "the biggest Jew humanitarian creator of this trend in Europe." All Osmose bands, especially Immortal,are hated, he said. "In Poland, black metal is a sacred, religious music. Those who profane it are afraid of the black metal underground because we will not let them get away with it. Kill all fucking pigs who want to make buisness out of black metal," he asserted. In his words, stopping the open market from the collapsing the true ideologies of black metal also includes a process of weeding out in their own ranks.

"If you want to be powerful, you have to destroy all weak, humanitarian people. Among 'Satanists' there are many traitors. Nothing can weaken our movement! There are many Satanists and pagans who are, in fact, humanitarians who pretend to be evil and full of hate," he said, disgusted. "They are without honour or pride and are too lazy to wage war. Fuck them! I hate weak people! True men should be both physically and psychologically strong. Men should not have any bad habits like drugs or alcohol. Kill hippies, drug-addicts and other weak sub-men! White race must be strong!"

It is a shame that such a talented band such as Graveland follows this metality accepted by few and rejected by many. Darken admitted the resistance to Graveland is increasing. In short, Graveland are quickly becoming the forbiddin fruit even the underground scene won't bite. In spite of their pitfalls, everyone deserves equal time. Graveland deserve no less for a group whose music is what legends are made of. "In Poland, we have many enemies. All Jews that make big money on death metal are against us. People who used to buy their releases are with us now. They hate us all now. I despise these people! I walk my own path. The dawn of the new era will bring me to my destiny. Take up swords and start war to unleash fire and blood upon the earth!"

special thanks to Rechrad for this interview.