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The wonderful rich pipe organ music you hear    
"Dream A Little Dream " was sequenced 
by Eugene Hayek.     There is no one like him on the internet.  


Photo of Eugune

Eugene Hayek, makes the keys of the pipe organ come alive with glorious music. He has most graciously allowed me to present some of his music which he has sequenced for your entertainment. 
Eugene's music is free to download and use on your PC or your personal web site. 

If you download Eugene's music, please e-mail him and let him know how much you enjoy the music he has sequenced. node2@juno.com 

If you use Eugene's music on your web site, please remember to give him a link back to his site at 
and e-mail him so he can visit your web site. 

Please always give credit where credit is due, on the same page you use the artist's work. 



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Do not link to this site to listen to the files of your choice.  Download to your OWN SYSTEM!! 


A Little Street Carousel Polka  
Over the Waves 
Dreamers Holiday  

Drifting and Dreaming

4th March
Honky Tonk Train Blues On the Way to Cape May
Phantom of The Opera Skater's Waltz
Somebody Loves You Stormy Weather  
Tenderly The Music Box Dancer 
Valley of The Moon You'll Never Know Just how Much I Love You

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