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"Someone To Watch Over Me"
 sequenced by Dick Anderson


This border is made from a picture of our special time.  He liked to hear me sing, and I loved holding him. When my oldest son was 2 he decided during one bedtime that none of the regular songs would do.   He kept saying the  other song mommy, the other song.  I made this song up for him, and it was the other one
Many years have past. Recently when I showed him this page
he said (You wrote that song for me?  I have looked For that song for years.)  He had sung the song to his wife hoping she would know the title of it . It was a wonderful treat for me to know the night we shared so many years ago, and the other nights I sang that song to him had remained a fond memory to him all these years.
You never know what the little ones will remember or treasure.  Love them, spend time with them, laugh with them, teach them, and hug them.  they grow up so fast.
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This picture was taken the summer after he graduated from high school.  I could no longer set in the rocking chair and hold him on my lap, but he can still milt my heart with that wonderful smile


Sleepy Time
by Mary B
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     Close your eyes, go to sleep
     It's sleepy time now 
     Close your eyes, go to sleep 
     Dreamland is waiting for you 
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     In dreamland you'll find 
     A story land, a girl and boy land 
     Where the good dreams you dream 
     Really do come true 
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     There's an ice cream mountain 
     And a lollipop tree 
     There's a big soda fountain 
     And ponies to ride for you and me 
Clear Spacer
     So close your eyes, go to sleep 
     It's sleepy time now 
     Close your eyes, go to sleep 
     May God watch over you 

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