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My sister and I waited for the arrival of her third daughter and my first son together.  She drank milk shakes to gain weight, and I ate celery to keep my weight down. We watched I love Lucy, and counted the days. We were due within the same week, but the babies did not cooperate.  My niece was born  first. When my son finally made his appearance a few weeks  later,  it was on her first daughters 13th. birthday.  My sister named her first child Jerry Rose Ann.  I named my first son after his father Donald Jerry.  My niece thought it was so great that I named him after her, I never told her any different. Our first born children share the same birthday.


The cousins


I wrote this when my son was 20 years old

We laid them down side by side
One cried high, one cried wild
One in pink, one wrapped in blue
He was a month old, she was two
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These two  cousins ruled our days
With cries, and smiles, in wonderful ways
Our lives were filled with motherhood JOY?
Diapers, night feedings, and baby  toys
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As they grew they played together well
Their secrets to no one else would they tell
Friends forever and ever, they  thought
It was only once in a while they fought
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They still could talk with a telephone call
He's far away and a man so tall
Her son someday will be a brother
Do they ever remember and think  of each 

By Mary B{Buzzerb}
Copyright ©  All rights reserved 
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