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"Sweet Hour of Prayer"
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I wrote these words many years ago while looking out of my window at a 
Montana blizzard.  The snow swirled outside, shutting me off from the rest 
of the world into a silent winter wonderland.

The Still Voice
by Mary B.


     In the stillness I hear a voice
     The sure voice of God
     Speaks to my soul
     The Lightning flashes
     The fire threatens
     The thunder rolls
     Then the stillness
     And My Father 
     Makes me whole


     Listen, Listen, 
     When He speaks to you
     Listen, listen, 
     There's a message for you too
     With simple things
     He confounds the wise
     In lightning, fire, thunder, 
     He is not disguised
     Wait for the stillness
     Then He'll speak to you


     When I pray I wait in silence
     It's then He tells me
     What I need to know
     His sweet spirit 
     Comes sweeping over me
     Filling and thrilling my soul
     Then the stillness,     
     And my Father
     Makes me whole


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