About Calmira

Calmira is a Windows 95-like shell to be used at Windows 3.1x

Calmira is a Windows 95 user interface for Windows 3.1. It's a fully
integrated environment for managing your files and programs, and
is designed to run smoothly on 386 and 486 computers.

Calmira includes:

o Mulptiple user profiles allowing seperate settings for each user
o An icon based explorer to manage files in free floating windows
o Support for 4DOS file descriptions in place of long filenames
o Desktop and file based shortcuts to any object or URL
o Explorer tree that lets you navigate faster through disks
o Taskbar with versatile Start Menu, nested to any level
o Wastepaper bin to store deleted files and folders
o Hundreds of easily accessible options and settings
o 80 page on-line manual containing all the help you'll need

Once you get used to the new look and feel of your Windows 3.1,
you'll never want to turn back...

System requirements

o 386 processor or higher
o Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups 3.11
o At least 4 MB of memory, 8 MB recommended
o A VGA monitor or better
o A mouse


Full installation instructions are contained in the help file.
For a quick start, unzip the main ZIP file you received into a
directory on your hard disk, and run CALMIRA.EXE.


Email : erwin@calmira.org
Web : http://www.calmira.org

Last minute notes

Rebuilding the start menu -- If for some reason you loose the icons in
the start menu, you can force Calmira to rebuild BMPCACHE completely
by checking the 'Rebuilt' checkbox so that it shows a checkmark. Normally,
this checkbox showes grayed if you've made changes to the start menu,
causing a fast rebuild.

Bitmaps -- some of the graphics have been updated. They are stored
in the RES files with the source, but I can send you copies of the
bitmaps by email if you don't have a suitable extraction tool.

Windows 95 colours -- when you first run Calmira, it installs a new
colour scheme called "Windows 95 Standard" into your Control Panel.
You can choose this scheme in the usual way.

Restricting access to settings -- if you use Calmira in a school or
other multi-user environment, you can now prevent the options,
shortcuts, and Start Menu from being changed. In the [Calmira]
section of CALMIRA.INI, add CanEditSettings=0. This causes the
OK button and tab pages to be disabled in property sheets, and
does not allow shortcuts to be created, edited or removed.

Windows NT 3.51 -- if you are interested in a patched version of
Calmira which does not cause General Protection Faults under NT,
then let me know. This just involves disabling low-level hooks
that are causing problems but will, of course, disable some of
the features. The program remains the same, i.e. a 16-bit one,
and there are no plans for a 32-bit version.

Hiding the Computer and Bin icons -- assign empty captions to these
objects, and they will not appear the next time you run Calmira.
The trick of giving negative icon positions does not seem to work
any more.