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Notice: These applications are not very easy to install, if you cant understand its instructions, email me at:

All this downloads are freeware!

These downloads are already tested to work and are very useful


Are you still using of your old Windows 3.1x shell? Move to the Windows 95 interface. If you still dont have the Amazing Calmira II 3.0, I advice you to download it first.

runroom.gif (2398 bytes)   Download now: Calmira II 3.0

Get out of your old Windows 3.1x shell! Download Calmira II 3.0 for a Windows 95 interface! (For Windows 3.1x only!)

pcspeaker.gif (635 bytes)   PC Speaker Driver for Wave playback

No Soundcard? Try this one, very easy to install. (For Windows 3.1x and Windows 95&98)

Animated Cursors for Windows 3.1x

Still using that old default cursor of Windows 3.1x? you can choose from many different cursors! including animated cursors! (For Windows 3.1x and Windows 95&98)

Splitz! for Windows 3.1x

You zipped the file 10 times, but it still cannot be stored in a floppy disk! Here is the tool to split your archives into pieces so that you can store them into 3 floppy disks. With this program, you can split and join files FAST and EASY! (For Windows 3.x and Windows 95&98)

SuperPad: A great Notepad replacement

Tired of switching from Notepad to Write? A great Notepad replacement!FAST! Holds unlimited size! (For Windows 3.x and Windows 95&98)

WinLogo: Change your startup screen

Tired of that old Windows logo? Heres the program to change that old screen! (For Windows 3.x and Windows 95&98)


Change your Maximize, restore, minimize, scroll, etc. buttons with this program, with a wide choices of styles made for you! (For Windows 3.x and Windows 95&98)

ThumbsPlus for Windows 3.1x

A graphic file thumbnail builder, viewer, and editor! in one Program! (For Windows 3.x and Windows 95&98)