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I am concentrating at the start to get content in and worry about making it look pretty later.  I don't want to put too many graphics on a page to make it slow to download as not everyone has a fast permanent link, but on the other hand I don't want it to look drab and uninteresting. 


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I have had a go at a logo using the drawing facilities in FrontPage but is just something to get those of you with artistic skills on a computer going to produce something better, something that would incorporate not only caravans but Folders and Motor caravans as well if it is possible. However, as I have had no interested designers coming forward, I have had another go  using CorelDraw8.  The vehicle drawings look OK full size but go very faint when reduced so I am working on that.

I have had to remove these logos for the time being while I restructure the pages using FrontPage.  They are still on the FTP site for downloading if anyone wants them. I am going to persuade my artistic son to design something for me in the near future.

Please keep this in mind, I am a computer person and I have only been caravanning for one year so I am not an expert in that field.  The information will have to come from the long standing experts in caravanning.

I have scanning facilities to copy pictures and diagrams.  Also the scanner has some Optical Character Recognition  software  (OCR) to scan text and turn it into an ASCII file. I can also insert files from most common word processors and spreadsheets into a web page.  FTP facilities are also available for anyone to send me data/graphics for the site and for you to download files for general release (See FTP Site Details  below).

This is a privately run web site, with no commercial caravanning affiliations. Any recommendation of goods or services is based solely on the information from and the experience of readers of the uk.rec.caravanning newsgroup. No liability can be accepted for any loss or damage arising out of your use of any information on these pages. You are advised to seek professional help with any technical advice offered or with anything you don't fully understand.

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Let me have your reactions either on the newsgroup or email me.

Phil Sherlock.

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