International Carduelan Society

Joining together individuals who share a common interest in breeding Carduelan species in captivity.


Most Carduelan species have many sub-species which are often not recognized by individuals or bird clubs.  The purpose of the International Carduelan Society is to share knowledge with each other and to keep blood lines of sub-species as pure as possible.

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Black Siskins
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Jean Michel Eytorff
Carlos Almeida
Claudia's Green Singers


Goldfinch mutations
               E-mail: John Quatro Carduelan finches / chat
Carduelan by Hans-Joachim Rein Carduelan finches Chat (Spanish)
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                   Green Singers L'OASI

  The Sibley and Monroe Classification
of the Carduelan Finches and Allies

Putter Page
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Asociación de Jilguericultura de Lanús Cardinals
Carduelis Spinus Chat +Voice (Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays)


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