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A bunch of cards included here for no good reason or just 'cause I like 'em.

I make no explanation or apology.

bears in yellowstone

Mother Bear and Cub Hiking, Yellowstone National Park

This fascinating picture of a mother bear and cub was taken near Norris Geyser Basin where the little cub received his first lesson in the art of entertaining the visitors in Yellowstone National Park.


lost persons areaPasadena, California, 1963. Photograph by Elliott Erwitt

Ernest Ochsner

"Wet Meadow Hay Rolls, Sand Hills," oil on canvas by Ernest Ochsner

Fire Island Deer

POD at the Cherry LanePhoto by Jean Hayter c. 1978.

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Artist Unknown 1919.

scrap iron© John Phillips. Ball given in Boston during World War Two to gather scrap iron for the war effort. 1942.

Teacher's"Teacher's" Oil on canvas by Annette Oko.

R.I.P. Teacher's and Teacher's Too

Central Park

crowingArtist: George Fred Radden. Sent to Miss Nettie Aschinger, Carroll, Iowa. Sep 14, 1907, from Des Moines, Iowa.

brightonSouthern Railways' poster showing Brighton seafront. Designed by Henry G. Gawthorn. 1920-25.

Glen Baxter

©Glen Baxter 1984 from the Bug House Archives

Windmill Sunset

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