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August 1999

Living Books through Eyes of Faith -

A Timeline of Saint Books for Children

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"Living books through eyes of faith" is not a new approach in Catholic education. The idea has a term, now resurfaced, since the rediscovery of Charlotte Mason's ideas of "twaddle free" books.


There are many stories that make the lives of the saints in salvation history vital and brilliant to a child. Young boys are thrilled with heroes and adventure, storms at sea, swashbuckling and sword fighting. Young girls are inspired by Catholic heroines who were brave and forthright in times of duress and danger, and who remained truly feminine through it all. We parents can provide all this when we share with our children the true stories of Catholic saints, blesseds, heroes and heroines.


Below is a listing of saints books for children, presented in chronological order, many of which include either the saint's country of origin or the areas which they later made their homes. Knowing the country of origin or of residence is especially helpful when studying history and geography, or when taking a "trip around the world" with eyes of faith reading living books.


Since this book list is a "living books" overview of Catholic history for children (from the early years of the Church through 1958), some parents may wish to use history textbooks as a foundation. Catholic saint stories easily complement history books like the recently reprinted American history series, Land of Our Lady (available through Neumann Press) , or the ancient history Old World and America textbook (available through TAN).


Using a Catholic history textbook as the cornerstone, parents may read to their children or have their children read the text as an introduction to a time period or the study of a country. Later, after studying both the textbooks and reading and discussing the "living saints," homeschooling parents and their children can again refer to the textbooks for both review and testing.


In using such an approach, parents will assure themselves of covering pertinent material through the textbooks - which often include "end of chapter" questions, a real time saver for busy parents. Children benefit by this approach because they learn more about the faith, understand the difficulties and hardships many Catholics before them endured, and they retain more information like dates, names, places and various scenarios.


Other parents may wish to use this list as the basis for a curriculum course for younger children in the subjects of reading, history or geography. There are excellent passages from which to select for oral narration, dictation and writing practice.


This list includes all the Mary F. Windeatt books now available through TAN Books and Publishers as well as those distributed by the Daughters of St. Paul.


For those who enjoy searching for old treasures, Keeping It Catholic is also including out of print materials originally distributed through Vision Books or Daughters of St. Paul. Titles which do not include the saints name were originally published by the Daughters of St. Paul.



Year of Book Setting and Title

35 St. Paul the Apostle (Jerusalem, ancient Greece and Rome)

45 Love as Strong As Death

255 St. Tarcisius (Pauline Press) Ancient Rome

300 St. Agnes (Pauline Press) Italy

300 St. Pancratius (Pauline Press) Asia Minor

300 Saints of the Byzantine World

385 The Wind at My Back Ireland

500 St. Benedict Italy

1090 Bells of Conquest France

1170 Saint Dominic Spain

1180 Francis and Clare Italy

1190 St. Dominic Italy

1220 Patron St. of First Communicants

1220 St. Hyacinth of Poland Poland

1225 Pillar in the Twilight Italy

1225 The Dumb Ox - St. Thomas Aquinas Italy

1350 St. Catherine of Siena Italy

1425 Wind and Shadows France

1440 Saint Joan France

1460 The Conscience Game England

1500 The Friar and the Knight Spain

1510 Leaving Matters to God Spain

1510 No Place for Defeat Italy

1520 Flame in the Night

1530 The Cross in the West US

1540 Bernadette and the Lady France

1550 A Gamble for God

1550 Saint Philip Italy

1560 Edmund Campion England

1565 St. Francis Solano Peru

1580 St. Martin De Porres Peru

1580 The King's Reward France

1580 The Cheerful Warrior France

1590 St. Rose of Lima Peru

1590 St. John Masias Peru

1600 Saint Issac and the Indians US

1630 Blessed Marie of New France Canada

1640 Father Marquette US

1650 Father Kino US

1650 Kateri Tekakwitha US

1660 A Woman Who Loved France

1725 The Ursulines US

1750 St. Louis De Montfort France

1750 The Road to the Kings Mountain US

1750 Wait for Me US

1760 Mother Seton US

1800 African Triumph Africa

1810 Friend to All Bohemia

1815 Pauline Jaricot France

1820 St. John Bosco Italy

1820 The Great Blackrobe US

1830 John Carrol US

1830 Miraculous Medal France

1840 No Greater Love Belgium

1840 Fr. Damien Belgium

1845 Ahead of the Crowd Italy

1845 Ven. Joseph Marello US

1850 Florence Nightingales Nuns England

1850 Rose Hawthorne US

1860 Katharine Drexel US

1860 The Little Flower France

1890 God's Secret Agent Mexico

1900 More Than a Knight Germany

1900 Yes is Forever US

1915 Our Lady Came to Fatima Portugal

1920 My Eskimos Arctic

1958 Pope John XXIII Italy

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