Pricing and Terms

~Services Offered~

"Hair Color Enhancements"
$35.00 If you provide the doll: plus Priority Mail Shipping ($5.15) and insurance ($3.00)*. Foreign orders shipping and insurance will be calculated at the time of order.

"Boil Perms"
$15.00 when done in conjunction with a hair coloring. $25.00-$30.00 when done without hair coloring.

"Streaking and Highlighting"  
$30.00-$45.00 (depending on the degree of streaking or high-lighting required). This is best done on dolls that are intended for repaint projects either right then or in the future, as the lashes tend to take a beating.

All prices listed are in US dollars.


        The heated dying process will remove the original set of your doll's hair. On Simply Genes, this can be quite attractive as it is.
For other dolls with shorter hair I highly recommend a re-curling of the hair after coloring for a more attractive outcome.
I do not recommend that you attempt a boil perm on a hair color enhanced doll on your own.   The dye can become reactivated by heat. If not done properly, dye could be deposited on the face, neck, or shoulders.   I cannot be responsible for dolls altered in this way.
I do not work on dolls that have already been repainted. Since I use a heat process on the hair, this could cause damage to your repaint, depending on the materials and techniques used for the repaint.
This hair color enhancement process has never affected the paint of a factory painted doll. Many of my hair color enhanced dolls have been repainted later by myself and other artists with no ill effect.
As dye does not take to the painted area of the scalp, the original scalp color should be in a similar color family of the end result you wish. I can offer suggestions if you are not sure.
Remember that this process is permanent.
In addition, the darker colors show a very fine line of color on the scalp just at the hairline. This is minimal, and most people do not find it a problem.
I will do everything possible to see that you are satisfied with your doll's new hair color.
In order to maintain a sense of order, peace and balance in my life I ask that you not send dolls that you have not discussed with me first.
As I schedule the dolls that I work on according to my availability to do them, I also ask that you keep your appointments. If you say that you will be mailing on a certain date, please mail on that date or as close to it as possible.
Please ship your dolls to me, nude and without jewelry, in their original shipper if possible. If you wish to have your AD COA signed, please include it with your doll.

* Insurance costs may vary depending on the replacement costs of the original doll plus enhancements.

Please make all payments payable to David Cook.

Money Orders are preferred.

All checks will be subject to a 7-10 day clearing period.

My mailing address is:

David Cook
Celestial Gardens
P.O. Box 044225
Racine, Wisconsin