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"Celestial Gardens, The Secret Land of Enhancements"

This is a mystical place where 15 1/2 " fashion doll lovers can send their dolls to be lovingly enhanced by having their hair color enriched. This wonderful realm is an outgrowth of my long-time love for fashion dolls and my continuous desire to re-design them. Dissatisfaction with the usual hair colors available, along with a willingness to experiment, has led me to devise a number of "recipes" for delightful hair colorings*.
Friends in the doll community have encouraged me to share my talents with other doll enthusiasts. So I have decided to offer my services to you. Soon, I will also be offering OOAK repaints ** as well.
*Hair Colorings:
All hair color doll enhancements are OOAK. Recipes for hair colors, are mixed up fresh for each doll. The colors cannot be duplicated. Similar results can be obtained, but exact matches can not be guaranteed. The results of the dying process will also vary depending on the doll`s original hair color. Not all colors are achievable with all dolls. At this time, I cannot lighten dolls hair, but I "can" put streaks and highlights in.
All repainted dolls are OOAK. It is my firm belief that the new faces of the dolls will evolve and become what they are meant to be. As each of us are unique, so are my repaints. When commissions are accepted I will work with you to obtain a doll that you find attractive and will love based on it`s "new attitude" obtained by changing eye and lip shapes and make up colors.
With Warmest Regards
David Cook, Creator and Artist of
"Celestial Gardens: The Secret Land of Enhancements"

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