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This week The magic word is Fluke. Fluke,Fluke,Fluke. Thats all I have to say. Well, not really, I was speaking to Bob Frank down at Sandy Hook the other day, and he told me that anyone with a string and a stick could catch a Fluke these days. He says that their practically jumping right up on to the beach.capn larry Thats what he says. I caught two Fluke,keepers, (16" and 17") in about 1 1/2 hours, not too bad, I also got a few hits that I couldnt reel in. As usual I saw a few really ugly Sea Robins caught, and immediately thrown back in. I also spoke to Steve, and Jay Monaco, who said that they were still catching Striped Bass and Blues, mainly in the early morning and at night. Use cut bunker, sand worms or eels and you should have good results.

Striper Bill, fishing in the Hudson River, reports that action on Piermont pier is still a little slow from all the rain we've had. But he did see a 27" Striper caught with blood worms, and says that if you know what your doing, you should have success. As usual you can still get lots of catfish and perch, blood worms being the cuisine of choice. The best time to fish the pier is on the incoming or outgoing tide, otherwise dont waste your time.

Here's an interesting story. I was fishing with Striper Bill down at The Hook one day, (there really is a place called The Hook) anyway, we were fishing for about 3 hours, and not having much luck, all I caught was a 12 inch striper and Bill didnt catch anything. We were just about to give up when Bill got a hit, he reeled it in , it put up a terrific fight, practically bending his rod in half. When he finally got the monster up on shore, we had the surprise of our lives. It was a 6 inch striper and a Tonka truck. I heard that a Toys R Us barge went down many years ago, and they were never able to recover all of the toys. So remember to get down to The Hook and get your Christmas fishing done early.

Down in The Battery there are still good numbers of Fluke. Stripers, and Blues are still being caught on blood worms and bunker.

On Long Island Sound, Bluefish are the savvy fishermens choice. Use cut bunker and float it on the surface at around sunset and you wont be sorry.

Well, I have to go now, Striper Bill just showed up. We're going down to The Hook to see if we can catch a Ninetendo game.

Hi Vinnie!

And dont forget to check out The Urban Fishermen Show. Coming soon to The Hook.

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