*OUR FALLEN COMRADES *  The Longest War America's Fought
1959 - 1975
'Our Fallen Comrades
Silent blows the wind across the waving grass
that grows above,
our fallen comrades.
From all the wars past,
the crosses stand proudly
above ones that gave all,
Our Flag waves gracefully as the breezes lift it
long may it wave above,
our fallen comrades.
Row after row of stones
stand basking in the sun,
our thoughts always with,
our fallen comrades.
Fallen comrades laid below,
no life do they enjoy
No wandering here and there,
our fallen comrades.
Let freedom ring for all to see
that which we hold so dear,
let nothing more dismay,
our fallen comrades.
Speak out for our country
for those who gave so much,
Cherish them always,
our fallen comrades.

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