Hello everybody,
I'd like to talk with you,
what I have to say is very important,
This will only take a minute or two.
It's about a disease which plaques our world today, and it's very serious.
It's about a disease called
"Child Abuse",
And it effects us all each and everyday.
Children are being hurt by those they trust the most,
a mother,
a father,
or someone close.
Have you ever seen a child beaten black and blue?
Or one or more children molested
the whole day through?
We see it in the news everyday about these children,
and it's heart-breaking for me.
the suffering these children go through.
Children are being beaten,
or killed,
I'd love to help help them all,
how about you?
No child asks to be brought into this world,
and it's heart-breaking when child abuse occurs.
No matter what the situation is,
child abuse is wrong,
let's open our eyes,
and our hearts,
This has been going on far to long.
Thes poor children are crying out for help,
we can all play a very big part.
Let's all get involved and right this wrong,
if we work together,
this disease won't last long.
I'm no actor,
or musician,
I'm not looking for fame,
I'm just a normal person,
who wants our children to be safe
from all harm and blame.
Let's reach out and help these innocent victims!
Thank you for listening to me,
Let's reach out,
and answer this call.
On behalf of all the abused children,
thank you one and all.
Do not use without my permission
Written By:   Charlie Moyer
Written on:   1/3/94
Placed under Federal copyright:     5/17/96

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