The Giles Files

Sounds from "The Witch"

Buffy's choice of after school activity has Giles appalled. 75k
Giles wonders at the lure of cheerleading. 182k
Giles on a mission. 91k
Rupert Giles--Mastering the fine art of understatement. 68k
Giles waxes rhapsodic about life on The Hellmouth. 165k
Rupert briefly attains divinity. 221k
The Watcher makes a feline friend. 48k

Giles promo pic

Giles from Some Assembly Required Sounds from "I Robot, You Jane"

Giles gets feisty with Ms. Calendar. 213k
A pithy comeback from Ms. C. 118k
What Giles prefers. 41k
A fine use of "sparkling" in a sentence. 52k
Giles' opinion of web pages. 126k
Giles comments on "the getting of knowledge." 179k
So how do you feel about computers, Giles? 77k
Rupert gets forceful with a demon. (Quiet Elaine!) 44k

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