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I am a mother of an Autistic daughter I have been known as a mom on a mission for over 3yrs now. I think autism is like a big train on a track that we are on we keep going around and circles and adding more and more children to it. I have met alot of parents on this train track and they are all wonderful so I say welcome aboard and get to know us a little. My daughter Kelsey was born 10-24-91 she was a perfect baby. At the age of 20mons we started noticing she wasn't progressing like other kids her age. We took her to Riley Hospital for Chidren on 2-26-96 and had her evaluated her DX was Global Developmental Delays with Autistic tendencies. She was DXed at the age of 4.5. We are currently homeschooling she has made some progress since we started homeschooling. She has had AIT treatments I have tried DMG-Folic Acid we are getting ready to try the new "CRAZE" Secretin. Kelsey got her first infusion on 11-12-98 and her second infusion on 12-23-98. Secretin didn't help Kelsey in any way. We will not be doing anymore secretin infusions. But I will continue to run my support list so that I can help other parents help their children.

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I have created an E-mail list for parents/caregivers/relatives who live in Indiana and have been touched by an autistic individual/s. There is no set agenda. To sign up click on the box below

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Here is another e-mail list that has been created for the parents or caregivers of autistic girls. To join click on the box below.

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AUT-2B-HOME: Parents homeschooling their Autistic children
Autism Research Institue: Where fabulous reasearch is being done
Kelsey's page: A little about Kelsey & her picture is there too
Beyond Autism: This site is a comprehensive resource for those of you just starting out
Homeschool Legal Defense Association: Look up the laws to homeschool in your state
Changed by an Autistic child: Want to talk to other parents Unschooling their autistic child
Neysa's Page:
Mark's Viking Page (DH's Page): MINNESOTA VIKINGS
The Albert Family: Homeschooling their autistic child
Missing Children In Indiana: shows pics and description of missing children
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:
Autism99 : Autism99, a conference which will be held online
HealthlinkUSA: Links to sites which discuss treatment, prevention, support groups,


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