Hi I am Amanda Tedesco,Of the Chattanooga TN. and in my second year of high School.

Where I live: Chattanooga TN
Sign: Virgo
Age: 16
Hobbies: Hanging out at the Mall, School, Hanging out with friends at my house,
Brothers: 1 full, Sisters: 1 Half


Well I need to update these pictures on this page..... quite old and being that I am now 16 I DO not look anything like this...., well as for what is up now I am very active in school activities, Soccer, mock trials (i hope this year) Working, and when there is time after all the homework i hang out with the Gang.... I am hoping that the goals that I have set for myself i will be able to accomplish. I am wanting to go into Law. so I know that if I work hard and continue doing what it is I am doing then I think that is a goal that i can accomplish. 


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