d.b.s.- "some boys got it, most men don't"


1. set your clock back an hour


I think it's been too long since we all stopped to think.

Maybe tonight we could just forget everything

because even though you've got a broken heart both pieces are inside of you.

I think it's been too long since we realized that maybe things weren't so bad after all.

Doesn't the night make you feel alive? It does for me.

And don't the stars look so pretty?

They're there to say, "don't worry, everythings okay."

To remind us that time is running out on us,

so don't fall asleep you might regret it.

The night is ours tonight.


2. your apathy is killingboth of us


Do you ever get the feeling this train's been derailed?

Every time you make the claim that you don't care?

Every time you make the ironic claim, 'revolution is lethargic'?

Your apathy is killing the both of us, if you say 'who cares?' one more time.


3. starboard


I could study your mind like a globe for hours,

but where in that mind of yours is tonight?

I could read your face like an atlas all night,

but where in those pretty eyes of yours is October?

The months float by like sailboats

and you'll miss the sunset if you look straight ahead.

Don't you think that the moon looks the best from the shore?

And maybe we could sit in the sand and wave to the boats as they float by.


4. dear diary


"Dear Diary", She smiled as we slow danced to the sound of rain tapping glass

and the sound of our beating hearts.

"Dear Diary, I'm happy for the first time in my life."


5. the sun went all the way down


Like a photo that I can't look at but I can't throw away.

It's in the same drawer as I put your letter.

Why then can't I pick up this pen and write you back?

Like when the sun goes all the way down, right behind the mountains.

What would you do if you knew it was your fault?

Why then can't I pick up this phone and call you back?

I'm going to write down how I feel - this page is blank for a reason.

I guess this is my letter back to you and I'm sorry.

I guess you where right and things are okay.


6. . . .and then i awoke


What's the colour of pretty?

December whispers with her whiskers and purrs.

It's the way the sun hits your wall.

Don't worry your pretty little head today.

In two's into June, can I come in, too?

Did you hear my favorite bird sing?

I sing songs to the sun icing this long winter over.

April's coming early.


7. aspirations


One thousand voices, I can hear them in my head.

Made some bad choices, now some dreams are dead.

When I was younger the future didn't matter so much to me.

Now I'm much older, still don't know what I aspire to be.


Don't know what I want to be, don't want to do it unwillingly.

Don't want to knock on your door or steal money from the poor.

I don't want a fancy car - that won't get me very far.

I just want to be free and for all my friends to try and be with me.

Some guys got expensive shit, must of which I don't care a bit.

Wearing a fancy tux, I could really give a fuck.

And their girl friends think that it's really funny

that the guys don't know they're being used for money,

but I just want a cool girl friend - someone who will respect me for who I am.




8. my life as a book (chapter two)


This paragraph ends the exact same way as the last.

They both end with a dot, dot, dot.

And maybe this author is not the angel he once thought he was.

Am I really that afraid to just pick up the phone?

I guess so. These words are all the same.

I hope that you still read.

This story's no novel -

a compilation of the shortest stories that never seem to end.

They all end with a 'to be continued'.

These chapters are all the same;

the names have just been changed.

If you dog-eared the page that things started to change

you'd find the one I met you.

If you dog-eared the page that things started to change

you'd find the happy ending.


9. apology

Sometimes I can't help but feel the stars are laughing at me.

I must have made that fucking wish every night for the past year.

There's a place on the way up to princess park

that I'd like to go but I can't go alone.

Someimes I can't help but feel that time has left without me.

I though that when you saved someone's life they'd be around forever.

I just want you to know that I'm still around

and even if you hate me I'm still glad I got to know you.


10. kitchen noise


It's the way that yelling makes you feel like you're two feet tall,

and even if it's not just directed right at you.

My hand hurts from your hand holding tight;

it's all that I can do.

And I'll make you smile to try to stain behind door sounds.

We can hide behind flannel sheets.

We can drown out what's outside.

Can your stereo go that high?


11. past friendships

Countless hours sitting.

Wasted another day.

Seemed important.

Best friends seem so inseparable.

Aimless missions now alone.

I'll slowly walk the long way home through the city we grew up in,

never glancing at the monuments that hold our memory like a picture.

And the school yard we used to hide in holds the ghost of our old friendship.

My friend, I'll walk alone without you.

Can you still look at the photos we took without a second to catch your breath?

The ones I gave you upon leaving.

Can you still feel that?

I never thought we'd slowly walk our different directions.

I'll have to go on without you.


12. a foundation for a positive change


I could have sworn that doing something positive merits a positive reaction

and I could have sworn that friends were there to encourage you, not condemn you.


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