d.b.s.- "if life were a result we'd all be dead"


>Will you acceptthe charges?


I just want one night to tell you I'm sorry because I miss your bad days and I miss your morning.

Now I sleep accross this land with no more problems than an empty heart and empty hands.

But one night I'll write you, maybe from California. And I'll want to go back to the rain and cold.

And one night you'll call me looking for a cup of coffee and I'll sleep deeper knowing that you've been told.

But one night I'll write you, maybe from Arizona. I'll wait for you to call.


>Galleon's Lap


Let's run away to nowhere in particular.

It may take some time because nowhere's hard to find.

As time goes by you worry about the time that's gone by oblivious to the fact that you're alive.

I'm asking you to light the fuse, strike a match and burn the fucking thing to hell and we'll refuse to grow old and we will never age a day.

We'll run away to a place where time has no effect.


>The ethics of camping


What do you mean, "Where are we going?" We're getting as far away was we can.

Besides, a question like that makes a mockery of this whole trip.

If you're going to make me answer that then we might as well go home right now.

Wasn't half the point just building it? Doesn't the result seem meaningless compared to what we've done?

We did ourselves.Wasn't half the point just getting there?

What do you mean "Are we there?" We don't even know where there is.

Anyway, what does it matter if you think you're having fun right now? So what does it mean if you're here or there or anywhere?

Nothing in this life is ever done. If life were a result we'd all be dead.

Nothing stays for good; it's washed away just like all good things in time.

Let me build a campfire and let it burn itself out.

When it starts to get cold let's get in our sleeping bags. (Inside of our hearts).




Sitting on my front porch watching the sun come up.

Cup of coffee in my hand watching the morning start.

Are you watching the same sun come up thirty-four miles away?

Are you wondering if I'm thinking the exact same way thirty-four miles away?

I've been lying around. I still smell you here.

I've been reading a note that smells like the sun looks.

Isn't it funny how some things can go unchanged for so long?

Next thing you know the day begins again. So do we.

Even though it was the middle of the night I felt the sun come up.

Underneath the best blanket in the house we stayed up and talked thirty-four miles away.


>Scavenger Hunt


What's the point in your scavenger hunt?

Don't you think that some things should be left unfound?

What's the point to this scavenger hunt?

Spending every single second looking.

And ironically his final words were, "I finally found the answer in front of my eyes, I guess I just looked for something more.

I guess I tried to find something non-existent and fucked myself up.

Now i wish I could travel back in time and change the way I used to view the world because maybe things weren't what I thought they were

and maybe the secret to our fucked up lives is the absence of an answer.





>Immovable stones


Passed down through a backwards time, another lie made by history.

And I can't believe you still believe this shit, I guess time builds immovable stones.

Inherit tradition passed down through time.

I refuse to inherit your "values."

What nature do you speak of when you say that homosexuality is unnatural?

Because the Nature that I love, the Nature I respect contains no hatred.


>The night she left


Did you see the stars tonight?

I couldn't help but think of you and wonder what we would be doing if you were here right now, maybe we would be looking at the stars together and wondering "What's next?"

Do you remember when I said, "It's never felt like this"?

Under the midnight sky I'm thinking of you.

And just like the night you left, my eyes are red.




Why is the sole purpose in life to serve as the shit that we fill our coffins with?

It's kind of like being at the bottom of the ninth and still we don't know how to play the game.

Take a look around, your life is in front of your eyes.

It's just like recognizing the fact that life moves way too fast as you're standing at the pump filling up on gasand you think to yourself, "There's no way I'm going back."

The romantic ride into the sunset.

It's just like diving in headfirst without dipping your toe.

I had to get away for a while and I'm sorry you can't come but that would defeat the purpose.

It's like taking the day off of school.


>Dogma schmogma


We will never know the truth.

We can only guess our history.

The church will always attempt to exploit the beauty that lies in the mystery.

Stick a chisel in the wound and rip it open leaving insecurities wide open, exposed and vulnerable.

That's when they think they've got the upper hand and take advantage.

This time we'll spit in the face of a vengeful god that blackmails us: The only way to do something right is to be slapped with a fucking threat.

The threat of being sentenced to eternal suffering is just so stupid.

If you need an establishment to tell you that murder is a sin then you're an idiot.

This time do it for yourself because you don't need a god to tell you what's in your heart as our morals are slowly ripped apart.

This time find yourself in you; don't find him in yourself.

Some things can't be written down, like the things that are found inside your heart.

Morals are found within yourself, not within a book.



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