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Hi my name is Linda,welcome to my page! I'm an Aussie currently residing in the USA. Although I like the American cuisine, I find myself missing my
"Aussie tucker!"


I returned home to Australia as of the 18/9/98


After returning home to Australia in 1998, I took another trip to the states in April 2000,I was living in Denver Colarado for six months.

I returned to Australia on the 13th October 2000.

So for all my fellow compatriots, expats(aussie at heart) and anyone who would like to try some "Dinki-Di" true blue "Aussie recipes" I have listed below some of my personal favourites

Most of these recipes are quick and fun to make!

If you are looking for recipes from the


then you won't find them here!

This is real "AUSSIE FOOD" not American food,with Aussie names!

Page last updated..22/02/02.....02/22/02......

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Ok! let's get started,

I have included,some of my own recipes,they are marked with an * I found these to be recipes that my family and friends really enjoy!

Try a couple and see what you think?

"check back often, as I'm adding new recipes all the time"

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I really appreciate your comments and suggestions!

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I love to hear what you all think about my page.


"To go to each recipe category just click below"

Each category, shows examples only!

There are many more recipes on most pages and more being added periodically

(when time allows)

Breakfast(eg.Scrambled eggs,Welsh rarebit, Aussie bushmans breakfast)

ozflagSoups(eg.Pumpkin,lamb shank,corn and prawn,onion,tomato, zucchini and asparagus)

Dips (eg.cheese,avocado,salmon,oyster)

Entrees (eg.oysters,salmon mousse,dim sims)

Snacks (eg.sausage rolls,savoury puffs,curried meat pastries,cornish pasties,potato scallops)


Lamb(eg.Aussie baked lamb dinner, lamb sate, curried lamb chops, lamb's fry and bacon, Shepherd's pie.)

Chicken(e.g Apricot chicken, chicken tia maria, chicken and mushrooms, chicken and pepper sauce, chicken and beer, chicken and mushroom pie,chicken cacciatore)

Beef (e.g Aussie meat pie, Toad in the hole, corned beef and white sauce, egg and bacon pie, carpetbag steaks, Rissoles.)

Veal (e.g veal parmesan, veal paprika, veal in wine)

Seafood (e.g seafood marinara, balmain bugs with mango sauce, beer batter fish and chips, lobster thermidor)

Cakes (eg.carrot cake,rock cakes,scones,biscuits,lamingtons,cheesecake, pikelets,caramel slice, chocolate mud cake, gramma pie(pumpkin pie)

Puddings (eg.sticky date pudding,dumplings and cocky's joy,chocolate self-saucing pudding)

Damper Damper is a traditional bread!(eg.plain, cheese and sage,fruit)

Desserts (eg.pavlova,lemon delicious,pineapple rice cream,rhubarb slice)

Kids party treats (eg.chocolate crackles,fairy bread,coconut ice,honeycomb,toasted coconut marshmallows,rocky road,coconut roughs,toffees, butterscotch.)

Vegetarian meals (eg.garlic and herb pasta,zucchini frittata)

Different Ways with Potatoes (eg.Hot potato salad, perfect jacket potatoes and toppings, bubble and squeak.)

Christmas goodies(eg.Boiled fruit cake, trifle, steamed date pudding, shortbread, nut wreaths,white xmas)

"Conversion Chart (this page contains conversions for: terms,ingredients, oven temperatures(British/American)

"many more recipes coming SOON!"

"New Recipes" (The recipes on this page were added on 11th July 2000 and will stay here for one month, then they will be transfered to their respective categories, new recipes will be added in their place.)

"My Aussie page" (this page is currently under construction-This is not a recipe page, take a peek anyway- I have been doing some work on this page!)

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