Dancing Leaves

Dear Brothers and Sisters....

This page is in memory of my babies, and in memory of my ancestors. I am a Southern Cloth Dancer, and on September 20, 1997, on Melissa's 6th birthday, I began my journey as a buckskin dancer. Many things have happened in life. Dancing has brought all of these together.

When I stepped in the dance circle I found my way home. Recently many things started to come together for me. The circle is coming together. As time goes by it will grow in leaps and bounds.........

More to come Aho
My heart is so full
Full of love and yet full of painful memories
Heal me Grandfather
From the pains of the past.
Help me to help and guide others
As they in turn guide and help me.
For we all are teacher and student......student and teacher.
Pain is a skillful teacher
Let the pain be a stumbling block I overcome as an example to others .
They too can overcome.

To Climb over the many hills
and through the valleys of despair
To see another rising sun.
To value the beauty of each rising and setting sun.
The beauty of spring in full bloom.
All the seasons
Grandmother has allowed us to all see and to be a part of.
Each is a gift.


Restless Spirit Wandering

My restless spirit wanders in the darkness of nite;
and the lightness of day.
Grandfather, I know you walk with me.
I am never alone.
My moccasin leave many marks here on Mother Earth.
Two sets
Then one.
You carry me when I am weak
and I can no longer walk.
Grandfather hear the cries from this weak one.
Forgive my weakness.
Make me strong.

Dancing Leaves

Spirits awaken at the dusk of day
Dancing into the long hours of the nite
Many creatures come out at nite
Those of this world
Those of the Spirit world
all in one
one in all
Spirits quietly fade at the break of day
As man awakens once again.
Sun slowly rises as a gift from the East.
Beckoning of a new day.

Dancing Leaves
November 1999


I hear the call of the wild
I am a nature's child
I'm neither meek nor mild
Mother Earth is Speaking to you and I.

"Time to listen my child"

I need the strong of spirit with an open heart.
It has begun,the time to start.

Build a lodge upon my land.
One that is strong like the mighty oak in the wind.

Force the lodge door to the East.

Upon my land this will be a mighty feast
to fill the strong and weak of heart and spirit.

All are equal in my eyes.

A time for all our hearts and spirits to rise
to the land of long ago with our ancestors of young and old.

Do the things that I do ask
for this is your given task.
We will reunite upon a golden crest
with the Spirits of the East,South,North and West.

Many more tasks are to come.

Be ready my child for only I know
which one is your final test..........AHO

Dancing Leaves

Written in loving memory of my maternal grandmother
Mary Ellen Castie Sepulvado


Oh! How we would have listened if only we could have gotten you to talk,
but years of fear with lots of tears prevented you from talking.

You had been taught so well not to talk.
So others would not hurt us.
So many others looked down on us and to this day still do.
They laugh when we say we are Native Americans.
What they forget is that we were here before they were.
Only we had been taught to hide.

No longer will we hide.
We will no longer be silent.

Grandmother, please guide us in our efforts to reunite our people.
Show us the way.
We've been lost so long.
It is time that we no longer hide, hold up our heads and be proud of who we are

written by Tammy Bailes (aka Dancing Leaves)
August 28,1995

Tears of My People

Tears roll down my face
like a river of blood.
You have taken the land that we love.

How much do you think we can take?
We live in a land of plastic and fake.

Hollywood Indians are not who we are.

We are made of blood, sweat and tears.
We are people that the white man fears.

We are flesh and bone
and want back our home.

Go back where you came from and leave us


Dancing Leaves

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