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Blue Seed,
Volume 1

Volume 1
Episode 1 - Princess Kushinada
Kaede Kunikida, the Kushinada, disappears. Momiji Fujimiya, not knowing that she is Kaede's twin sister and the second Kushinada, is accosted in the woods by Mamoru Kusanagi. Daitetsu Kunikida and Ryoko Takeuchi come along and help Momiji, who continues on to school. However, she is not alone... an Aragami follows her to school, and attacks her in the library.

Episode 2 - It's Cruel! It's Mysterious! It's My Destiny!
The Aragami at Momiji's school talks to her, but Kusanagi comes along and saves Momiji, telling her that she's the Kushinada and that her blood will kill the aragami. Fifteen years ago, the birth of twins in the Fujimiya family split the bloodline and woke the Aragami from their exile. Also 15 years ago, Kusanagi was given seven blue seeds, called mitamas, which are souls of Yamata-no-Orochi. The Aragami comes along once again, and during the fight, a mitama is imbedded in Momiji's chest.

Omake Theater #1 - The Man Who Watches the Kushinada
Let's just say it's a jab at the perversion of Kusanagi and Kunikida. (^_~)

Blue Seed,
Volume 2

Volume 2
Episode 3 - It's Spring! It's the Capital! I'll do my Best!
Momiji wakes up, and finds that she has been moved from Izumo to Tokyo. After Momiji asks about the Aragami, Kunikida tells her that Aragami have no bodies, and that they hop from body to body. The TAC thinks they are plants that become active at night. Moments later, Kusanagi and an Aragami in the form of a crow start fighting in Tokyo. Getting away, the Aragami attacks Momiji in the TAC office; but she shoots it with a flare gun, and Kusanagi kills it, revealing that the mitama is the soul of the Aragami.

Episode 4 - More Bad Luck? Why Does This Always Happen to Me?
An Aragami tries to pull a car into a pond on the edge of Tokyo, just one of a series of attacks. The police collect a sample of the Aragami. Studying the sample and the pattern of movement of the Aragami showed that it was going to a specific point, its former home. Momiji teams up with Koume, having realized she has the ability to sense the location of Aragami; and Kusanagi and Koume work together to kill it.

Omake Theater #2 - Living Room Theatre
Shows what happens when Momiji spends too much time alone and trying to think, as well as several other silly ideas... including Kunikida testing out a possible "Anti-Aragami" weapon on his two available guinea pigs. (^_^)

Volume 3

Blue Seed, Volume 3

Volume 4

Blue Seed, Volume 4

Volume 5

Blue Seed, Volume 5


Blue Seed, Volume 6 - "Impending Disaster"

Volume 7

Blue Seed, Volume 7 - "Rebirth"

Volume 8

Blue Seed, Volume 8 - "Sea Devils"

Volume 9

Blue Seed, Volume 9 - "When Gods Walk the Earth"

Volume 10

Blue Seed, Volume 10 - "Fate and Destiny"

Volume 11

Blue Seed, Volume 11 - "Sacrifice"

Volume 12

Blue Seed, Volume 12 - "Betrayal"

Volume 13

Blue Seed, Volume 13 - "Nightfall" (Final Episodes)

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