Dawn's Kawaii Blue Seed Scans - Part 1

Dawn's Kawaii Blue Seed Scans - Part 1

Yes, here are the fabled scans that I babbled about in the Index page. And, as I said, these are scans that I have done myself.. some (but not all) of these images are available on other pages, but I did scan each and every one of them in myself. Please feel free to look at and enjoy these images, but don't steal them. It's not too much to ask, is it? I spent several hours scanning pencilboards, trading cards, CD booklets, a manga, and a couple other things.. Don't belittle my efforts to bring you high-quality Blue Seed images by stealing them. E-mail me, ask me for use of them.... That's really all I ask.

The images on this page of scans are from a couple trading cards, the Blue Seed Original Soundtrack Volume 1 CD, and the Blue Seed Vocal Collection CD.

Click the image to see it full-sized... But be warned, some of these images may be 300+KB in size.

Trading Cards Trading Cards CD Vol.1

CD Vol.1 CD Vol.1 CD Vol.1 CD Vol.1

CD Vol.1 CD-Vocal Collection CD-Vocal Collection CD-Vocal Collection

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