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Okay, I've had several e-mails sent my way regarding my descriptions of the images. Like "Momiji and Kusanagi KISSING??"... I KNOW some of my descriptions aren't technically correct. Some of them are just descriptions of what it LOOKS like, as opposed to what it really is. ^_~ I'm sorry, it's the silliness in me.

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Because she is a member of the Kushinada Clan and thus has the power to block Aragami, a girl named Momiji Fujimiya is destined to save Japan from destruction by becoming a human sacrifice. Mamoru Kusanagi, in turn, was controled by the Aragami via the imposition of a soul, "Mitama." His mission was to ensure that Kaede, who was Momiji's twin sister and possessor of the same unique power, was not turned over to the humans. The Aragami wants to capture Momiji and cut off the power of the Kushinada Clan. Mamoru Kusanagi is now trying to protect Momiji instead of Kaede. There is also the special Land Control Center, part of the Prime Minister's Office Special Committee on Territorial Security.

The struggle takes place in Tokyo.

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A Super-Deformed image of Mamoru Kusanagi. (2 KB)

A Super-Deformed image of Momiji, Koume, and Ryoko. (10 KB)

The title image of the series (appears in the opening of the show). (49 KB)

An image of Momiji. (20 KB)

An image of Kusanagi. (19 KB)

An image of Kunikida. (21 KB)

An image of Ryoko. (12 KB)

An image of Azusa. (15 KB)

An image of Koume. (21 KB)

An image of Yoshiki. (21 KB)

An image of Kaede. (16 KB)

An image of Murakumo. (18 KB)

An image of Sakura. (17 KB)

Momiji in a swimsuit. (54 KB)

Momiji and dolls of the other Blue Seed characters. (76 KB)

Momiji dressed up. (82 KB)

Momiji looking very pretty, hair blowing around. (66 KB)

Momiji in a kimono. (35 KB)

The many faces of Momiji. (185 KB)

Momiji looking sad. (55 KB)

Momiji with a sweatdrop. (^_^) (55 KB)

Momiji in a field. (from the closing of the show) (173 KB)

Momiji in bed and not wearing much... (82 KB)

Momiji out in the rain. (31 KB)

Momiji singing. (100 KB)

Momiji looking stupified. (42 KB)

Momiji and Aragami... A manga image. (95 KB)

Momiji purifying herself in water. (125 KB)

Momiji looking innocent. (117 KB)

Momiji looking happy. (78 KB)

Momiji looking very upset... (49 KB)

Momiji...with a GUN?!? (33 KB)

Momiji in blue. (from the ending) (44 KB)

Momiji and maple leaves. (from the ending) (70 KB)

Blurry Momiji. (from the ending) (60 KB)

Momiji in a swimsuit. (a manga image) (26 KB)

Momiji looking possessed with fog swirling around her. (42 KB)

Momiji looking possessed, but a rear view. (32 KB)

Momiji looking out dreamily from a window. (from the ending) (32 KB)

Santa Momiji and a Kusanagi doll! (24 KB)

Kusanagi in ripped jeans and sunglasses...(^_~) (97 KB)

Kusanagi looking innocent. (76 KB)

Kusanagi looking surprised. (74 KB)

Kusanagi in sunglasses...(^_~ again) (8 KB)

Kusanagi holding Momiji. (84 KB)

Kusanagi hugging Momiji. (83 KB)

Kusanagi...KISSING MOMIJI?!? (38 KB)

Kusanagi about to kiss Momiji...? (59 KB)

Momiji about to kiss Kusanagi...? (41 KB)

Kusanagi carrying Momiji. (139 KB)

Kusanagi holding Momiji and looking threatening. (30 KB)

Momiji looking at Kusanagi. (40 KB)

Kusanagi looking slyly at Momiji. (30 KB)

Kusanagi holding Momiji with Murakumo in the distance. (183 KB)

A box cover...Momiji holding a gun with the cast spread out around her. (83 KB)

Momiji, Kaede, Kusanagi, Murakumo... (112 KB)

Kaede, Momiji, and Kusanagi. (161 KB)

The characters of Blue Seed. (170 KB)

The characters of Blue Seed again. (183 KB)

The characters of Blue Seed...an intriguing image... (36 KB)

The characters of Blue Seed with Momiji standing in water... (43 KB)

The characters of Blue Seed. (another manga artwork) (90 KB)

Murakumo, Kusanagi, Valencia Tachibana, Kaede, and Momiji. (207 KB)

The characters of Blue Seed 2... (163 KB)

The characters of Blue Seed 2 again... (149 KB)

Murakumo, Kaede, Kusanagi, Momiji. (28 KB)

Kusanagi, Momiji, and the cast of Blue Seed 2 again. (118 KB)

Super Deformed Blue Seed characters. (25 KB)

The Blue Seed females in pretty dresses! (^_~) (153 KB)

Kusanagi and Sakura. (54 KB)

Koume and Yoshiki. (139 KB)

Koume with a bow? (63 KB)

Kunikida. (116 KB)

Momiji and...Aragami or Kusanagi? (60 KB)

The TAC (aka Land Control Center) crew. (138 KB)

A frame from the opening of Blue Seed. (26 KB)

Momiji and Kusanagi dressed up; a very nice image. (99 KB)

A group shot from Blue Seed 2. (78 KB)

An advertisement for Blue Seed 2. (191 KB)

Valencia Tachibana from Blue Seed 2. (34 KB)

Kusanagi peering at his hand. (18 KB)

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