Trinities Ruled Long Before Abraham

Long before Abraham was told to leave his homeland in Ur (a city in Chaldea...Babylon is Chaldea's capitol city) to journey to Egypt to live, both of these cultures were already thriving, well developed civilizations. That includes their religious systems as well as their political structure. Genesis 12:10-13:1.

Some 430 years after Abraham was promised that his seed would number as the stars of heaven, his descendant, Moses, led the Hebrew children out of bondage in Egypt. Exodus 1:1, 7, Galatians 3:17, 18.

Moses, as you know, is the Bible writer of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, the first 5 books of the divinely inspired Bible.

Those in Christendom argue that the ancient pagans believed in triads of gods, trinities arranged in threes, because they supposedly had exposure to the least, the Old Testament...they were supposed to have decided God was 3 people and applied it to their own pagan religious institutions from Bible references.

Of course, that is not possible...for the very Bible writings they claim trinity was taken from HAD NOT BEEN WRITTEN YET!

When instituting the first formal religion that was given by the Almighty, Moses warned against serving the sun, moon, stars. Deut. 17:3. The sun god, moon god or goddess, and star god/ess (usually Venus) were the most popular triads of gods in the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian worlds that the Hebrews had left behind. These gods were carried over into nearly every other culture of the time and later, as well. But that was not the only triad, by any means.

The pagans had a habit of looking at the things in nature and deifying and personifying them. That was not only true of the things they saw in the sky at night, but also of what they could see in the daylight.

The second most popular triad worshipped by ancient cultures was based on the "three states of matter" as modern science calls it. That is the liquid (seas/oceans...the water god), the gaseous (air, atmosphere ...the sky god), and the solid...(the rest of the planet's surface, the ground...the earth god). Interestingly enough, Christendom in trying to justify their triad worship also looks to nature to find things in 3's to compare their trinity to (including solid, liquid, gaseous states of water...claiming Jesus is the solid-ice, the holy spirit is the gaseous-steam, and Jehovah God-Jesus' Father is supposed to be the liquid-plain water).

There is a link below in the link list to an online encyclopedia (free one) with the page of Babylonian triads. You can look up information on the Egyptian triads under Egyptian Mythology on Microsoft Encarta (Egypt is the culture that Moses led the Hebrew children out of...they had been trinitarian already for many centuries when Moses began writing the Bible as had the Chaldean or Babylonian empire Abraham was called out of centuries before his offspring became the Israelite nation. Athanasius, the founder of Christian trinitarianism, was a pagan Egyptian made Bishop of Alexandria Egypt after his conversion to Roman Catholicism. Modern false religion is said to be in a spiritual sense Babylon and also Egypt, Sodom and where the Lord was crucified or Jerusalem. Rev. 17:2,5, 11:8....this comparison is because of the true origin of their teachings; the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians.)

Mankind hasn't seemed to have made much progress in the realm of religion. The warring, politically inclined, immoral nature of the religions hasn't changed much either with the exception that sex with animals is not permitted by the Christian groups (though most of them secretly perform gay marriages and ordain gay clergy). And the same religious doctrines, same holidays and same symbols are still used.

The following series of links is some online information about the origin of trinity or triad worship. There is the entire book by the late Reverend Alexander Hislop that was published in the 19th century. He is a former Roman Catholic priest who investigated the origin of these things including trinity, Christmas and the tau (cross).

Christendom was left with a very great problem in adopting belief in a set of triads...that being that the Bible is the authority for a religion serving the God it speaks of and the authority for Christ and his apostles and followers as well. How could a work that teaches there is only one true God (John 17:3) be reconciled with a religious ideology that worships a united family group of 3 gods? Therein lies the reason for the difference between the Christian triad and that of earlier pagans as well as the reason that trinity did not come into existence until centuries after the Bible was completed. Galatians 1:7-10, Revelation 22:18, 19. It simply took them that long to think up some way to fit it into God's Word!!!

The first thing that had to be done was finding 2 other Gods....with Jesus, that wasn't such a hard thing. The scriptures made it plain that he used to live up in heaven. And it used the adjective case of God (theos) of him. But the third God was much harder...this required much more time and thought. Finally, the Roman Catholic councils voted to proclaim the Holy Spirit to be a Person instead of just God's power and energy that he used to create all things and fill his servants with. Then later, they voted to deify the Holy Spirit. These acts were done at councils starting in the 4th century at naturally, the beliefs before that were rather different. The Athanasian Creed of the 5th to 6th century AD finally brought the modern trinitarian ideology online as you might say. And Athanasius is credited with being the Father or creator of orthodox (mainline) trinitarian religion.

Another section on this site has a link to the Ante Nicene Fathers (writers before the council of Nicea) and cross references among the writings themselves to show what was believed of Jesus before then. There are also scanned sections of texts from the Textus Recepticus and other helpful links for you to view for yourself (including John 1:1, the most popular proof text of trinity...though there are only 2 guys there).

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