My Life Story--From Preacher's Daughter to Jehovah's Witness

Hello. I saw Joel and Torgny's site for JWs and loved it. My other web sites are for any penpals. It's just Bible notes from the King James Version of 1611 and more bland personal statistics and one site is for family photos.

I wanted to create a page for my spiritual family. There is still much for those who are not Jehovah's Witnesses, but want to investigate. There are links to Bibles online including KJ, Textus Recepticus, Luther German Bible, W. E. Vine's Dictionary of NT Words, The Works of Flavius Josephus a Jewish historian who lived in the time of Jesus and the apostles. He mentions James by name (the other James) and the fact that he was cut in half for the faith (mentioned in the Bible, too). He also references the Acts of Pilate (records Pontius Pilate made of all his activities including having Jesus Christ put to death). These no longer exist in our day, but Josephus was able to research them for his work. There are articles about what drew me to JW, our meetings, much, much more. Those interested in Judaism, Christianity or Islam will all find this database of particular interest.

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Like the title says, I started life as a preacher's daughter. My dad was a Church of God preacher before my birth. Then a Methodist preacher until I was 15. He left both faiths over gays and bisexual clergy. He was actually disfellowshipped from the Methodist Church for preaching against homosexuality. We attended Assembly of God briefly after that. Then my family had nothing more to do with churches after that. I did work in the Presbyterian church as a nursery worker for a time and dated one of their preachers in college when I also ran the Sunday church programs for a local radio station where I worked.

I have 2 bachelor's degrees. One from a state university, the other from a Baptist seminary/college. I took a year of Bible Greek at the latter. I've penpalled since age 17 (I'm 35 now) and have talked to people of all religions and paid attention when anyone told of the goings on or teachings of their church. I was never satisfied with the story telling, lack of information, and fighting so prevalent. And sexual immorality is pretty bad at times, too. My parents would never leave us with nursery or Sunday School workers as they feared we would be molested or raped. Or worse even.

I did hear a lot of the Bible read in church as my dad is pretty Biblical for a worldly person. Only they were not really explained or were used incorrectly, I nevertheless realized that our church was not the faith in the Scriptures I'd heard read. For one thing, Daniel chapter 3 was emphasized over and over (though it was intended to be used against the Roman Catholic church and not political worship). Nevertheless, I did get the point and was horrified that there were flags beside the pulpit and hated the pledge when I started to school. I had figured out a few other things as well over my youth.

We moved almost every year while my dad was a preacher. The people rarely liked him as he wouldn't be their slave or change his teachings to please the rich in the congregation.

When we lived in Pea Ridge, Arkansas for a year, I was privileged (so I thought) to be able to attend college as an experiment. I received certification in archaeology. I was 11 at the time.

In the summer of 1986, I began writing an elderly Witness lady. She had found a friendship booklet I had signed saying I wanted open pals to discuss anything. I was a bored housewife sick of religion and the world and sure something bigger was going on. And I'd been seeing lots of Jojoba shampoo in the stores. That was a big thing because I'd found that God's name was Jehovah at 16 when I was reading the Bible. Exodus 6:3. I'd always addressed him as The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob before then to make sure I got the right one. It didn't make sense to me that pagan gods that didn't exist had meaningful names other than God or god and The Almighty did not. SO I wanted to be sure I got the right one. Anyway, I didn't trust door to door people (had some run ins with Baptists that way). That shampoo haunted me as it made me remember God's name though they aren't pronounced exactly the same. So I prayed to Jehovah by name to send me a penpal who could help because I wanted to know him. Shortly after (a mere days or couple of weeks), I got a letter from a sister Alice Wolfson in California.

I didn't pay attention at first. I hated religion and thought it was useless plus didn't believe in the trinity and had doubts about other things. She sent me the Truth book in Dec. 96/Jan 97 and I read it all in 2 evenings and was 99% sure it was the truth. I had a play I was involved in so my evenings were taken up. I thought I would wait until I could attend all meetings before I started going to the kingdom hall. I had looked at the schedule posted outside for meeting times. In the meanwhile, I read the Bible a lot (KJV), the truth book, and began trying to teach all my 70 plus penpals. They all dropped me and some got really violent and nasty about it. One particularly threatened me with hellfire and was very mean. I wanted to write back kindly to her so I called the local hall and a pioneer sister answered.

I immediately began telling her the problem and asked how to talk to people like her. Well, she was shocked and wanted to know who I was. I explained. We talked half an hour and she asked if she could call on me. I asked if she could come right now. She did and spent 1 1/2 hours with me and left the Live Forever book and asked me how I felt about a lot of issues. I read the entire Live Forever book that night and made my dedication like the book said at 3 AM in the morning sitting in the stairwell of my house. Before she left, I asked how to get baptized. She said we study first. I said OK and arranged to go to the next meeting. Bad weather cancelled that one, but I made the Sunday meeting.

When I arrived, someone gave me a Watchtower (I'd never seen or heard of one) and I read the study article while the first paragraph was covered by the congregation. I commented 3 times during meeting and everyone thought I was a sister. I started my study the following Tuesday, began going door to door and got on ministry school 2 months later, finished reading the entire KJV Bible a month after an elder suggested it when going through the questions for baptism. I was baptized 4 months after that first meeting and the start of my study. My experience was used on a circuit assembly.

All my family, husband and his family were opposed. In the midst of very bad health problems including a nervous breakdown, we separated about 8 months later. Due to my health, my son lives with my ex. I went to live with my parents. They continued opposed and yelled at me for nearly a year. Health problems again caused nervous breakdown, but intense psychological evaluation caused the "shrinks" to decide I was reasonable, unusually intelligent and able to chose my own religion. They sent me home and told my dad to stop opposing me. He began to cool off and even began to get interested in our literature especially the Mankind's Search for God book and Revelation It's Grand Climax at Hand. None of my family has become JWs.

I remarried to a younger man who is in favor of the truth. His name is Paul and he is a certified medication aide in a nursing home here. We have a daughter, Brandi Deanna Troi Pittman, born December 25, 1996. My son is Brandon David Williams, born May 19, 1984.

I have auxilliaried 5 times, am a pioneer wannabee. Have dozens of return visits by letter and by email (got on the net in March of 1998). I've been through many trials for the faith and it gets hard at times especially with my health troubles.

My ex, his family rummaged through all my belongings and threw them out when we separated. My parent's dog mauled me and broke my arm 36 hours after I had signed up to auxilliary pioneer the first time. I lost my job because of the injury, but pioneered (aux.) anyway that April and again in October. I auxialliaried March, April, May of the year after while working full time, split shift. I have learned that my health will not permit such activity and my mind and judgment are affected if I'm too ill so I've resigned myself to being only a pioneer wannabee while this system exists.

Currently, I am again having health problems. My only real symptom this time was unusual tiredness (death like, fall over exhaustion even when I wake up). It is probably due to the dissected aneurism in my internat carotid artery in my neck (the one leading to the brain). I must undergo some surgery or other soon to fix it. I had a c-section 17 months ago without blood, but it is coming up again.

Well, had surgery July 6 (1998). It went great. No problems at all or pain after.

June 6, 1999
Thought I would update my story a bit. My life has been busy and more "events" come up.

This year I started helping a good friend and penpal with a snail mail penpal newsletter. I do her craft column and also the entire website. You can see it at It has beautiful lake applets with music and Bible verse, ruled stationery to print out and use, ecards, links to hundreds of penpal sites, more. It is all free though Cookie charges for copies of the printed newsletter. You can contact her at

On a personal note, things have been going fairly well for me except for miscarrying triplets in April of this year (1999), but we know that Jehovah promises in the Bible that even embryos are written down in his book and have hope of a resurrection. So while I am no longer pregnant, I am still expectant being due sometime after God's war of Armageddon. (So it will take longer than the usual 9 months, but "he is faithful who promised".)

I am still a stay at home mom for now. I also welcome those who want Bible information, but due to various problems writing to men I will only write to ladies. I have included email links to 2 spiritual brothers on the main page with my email link. They have agreed to write to any men who are interested.

Dec. 1999 Update

Paul, my husband, started studying in July of this year and was baptized Oct. 24, 99 at our special assembly day. He loves field service (door to door work) and talks to quite a few people there, at work and other places. He doesn't want penpals though.

I'm expectant again, due June 12, 2000. I'm doing very well as is the baby. I'm cutting down on my activities during this time and hope to get some more done on my various websites. I'm also potty training our daughter, not a fun thing.

November 2000 UPDATE
Well, it's taken me awhile to get to this, but I'm finally here...I had our new little bundle, Jadzia Kathryn Annika, on May 29, 2000. She looks just like her sister, Brandi who is now almost 4. She also was 20" tall, but much lighter in weight at only 6 pounds 14 oz. Mostly due to my taking a terrible respiratory ailment/cough that lasted well over 4 months and I'm still sufferying from throat injury from it. Jadzia is now almost 6 months old.

I've been doing bits and pieces of research and put some up on my Bible notes page. Still haven't gotten to the main research intended. Just too much keeping me busy. Besides the children and the usual activities and meetings, we just got a new house back in June of this year.

Our house is right across from our Christian meeting place. Old but nice. We really like it. Additionally, it has a smaller rent house--the one my friend, Diana Burner, lives in. Her email address is on my front page to take care of ladies interested in Bible things until I get less busy and hopefully in better health as I recover from all the baby making.

I'm busily making quilts, sweaters and other crafts to send to a shop in PA to sell and help make some money to pay the property tax and other extras that come from having more valuable property like this. Any patterns I design myself will be up in my craft section as I have time to put them up.

Take care until next time!
Christian Love and Greetings, Debbie

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