Protestant Bible Versions

The Bible Gateway: Many popular versions incl. KJV online in 9 languages. Has Amplified Bible and others.
Russian Language Bible: Probably KJV. Not sure as I can't read it.
Weymouth New Testament:
Unbound Bible: free downloads, many languages
Strong's and other language lexicons: Hebrew/Greek references
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance: of the King James...look up words and locate in KJV
Smith's Bible Dictionary:
Searchable online Bibles: Includes Nestle Greek text, Majority Greek text, TR and more.
Read the Bible online: Many versions
Greek Septuagint: Greek OT at the time of Jesus/apostles, English translation
Bibles-Protestant, Catholic, Jewish: Many versions, other references
Crosswalk: Many Bible versions, Flavius Josephus' works, more
Geneva Study Bible: 1599 edition of the Bible before King James revision of 1611
Jewish Tanakh: Free online Jewish version of the OT.


Matthew Henry's Commentary: States Michael is Jesus, interesting reference.
John Wesley's Explanatory Notes: Commentary on whole Bible. Also says Michael is Jesus.
Adam Clarke's Commentary: Also states Michael is Jesus. Clarke and Wesley are Methodists.
Buck's Theological Dictionary: Archangel entry states most Protestants believe Michael is a name for prehuman Jesus.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: Last entry under Michael also says most Protestant say this is Jesus prehuman name. Gives list of more reference writers that agree.
W. E. Vine's and Strong's Greek and Hebrew word dictionaries: Both say "cross" is a stake or pale. Vine's goes into pagan origin of tau cross.
Interlinear Bibles: 3 Greek and 2 Hebrew texts for finding word meanings: God is really interesting as Elohim and theos are used for angels, rulers, faithful humans, judges and others....not a name and not always a title. Also states cross is a stake or pale.
Eword Commentary: Also states Michael is Jesus.

Free Bible Downloads

Online Bibles at Simplenet: Protestant versions to download free in several languages. Jewish Tanakh Bible also available here for free download.

Protestant Bibles using God's name in New Testament

Nazarene Friends-21st Century NT: Uses YHWH in New Testament
Paleotimes Bible: Uses Yahweh and Yahshua in OT and NT