Deja Vu is (left to right):
Dave Grant - Drums
Henry Lewis - bass and vocals
Greg MacDonald - guitar and vocals
Ron MacDonald - keyboards and vocals
Ross MacVicar - guitar and vocals

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Deja Vu

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada

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DEJA    VU!!!

With a newly added horn section, Deja Vu seems to be doing very well for itself. The new members, not shown in the above photo are Art Coleman, Mike Byrne, Matthew MacLean, and Brent MacQuarrie who are members of another local band called Fire Exit. These musicians add a special flare to the oldies music in which Deja Vu specializes.

Deja Vu has already put out one, self titled, cd that has done very well for a local band. Strong, crisp harmonies combined with a tight and accurate rythmn section give Deja Vu a very appealing sound that has garnered them a huge following since their inception. All of these musicians possess a magic that gives Pictou County that "Deja Vu" feeling whether you are young or old. From the 60's to the 90's they play your music. Music that is the heart and soul of your generation.

Aside from just being a cover band, Deja Vu has written many songs over the years. Some being 'Chain Reaction', 'Sinking', 'Mother Load', and 'Stay With You Tonight', and 'Daydream'. All of which have their own artistic styles and flavors. Deja Vu not only plays in this band, the members also play with other bands including 'Em & Them', 'The Groovemasters' and by themselves.

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