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Bryan K. Ho was born on June 8, 1976, in Massachusets. As a child, he grew up listening almost exclusively to classical music, and he was eight years old, he started taking violin lessons. In 1998 he graduated from Tufts University, where he majored in biology and music. He proceeded to study for an MBA degree in health management, in preparation for medical school.


As of this writing, Ho's compositions include the six Passa-Mezzo Variations, incomplete Sonatas for various instruments, a Fugue in D minor, a String Suite in G minor and the Wanderers Nachtlied. So far he's written very good music imitating the styles of established composers of the Classical period. He's also written good music in a more original style, such as a highly inspired Scherzo in G minor for Violin and Orchestra. Recently, he revised his Sonata in E minor, for Violin and Piano. In another decade or two, we should be hearing truly great music from him.


As of this writing, none of Bryan Ho's music is commercially available on records, tapes or CDs.

Electronic Jukebox

However, quite a few of his pieces are available in MIDIs, including the Fugue in D minor and a Sonata Movement in A minor, in both its 1996 version and its 1998 version. (For more MIDIs you can go to Mountain Lake Software's Young Composers website, to a section specifically devoted to Bryan Ho), and also to Classical MIDI Jukebox for the G minor Scherzo and the C minor Fantasia.

The MPEG3 format has been blessed with recordings of his work as well. Using an MPEG3 player like WinAmp, you can listen to his Scherzo in G minor and his revised Sonata in E minor for Violin and Piano.

But the most complete, up-to-date resource for Bryan Ho's latest compositions is probably his own homepage.

Other Composers

An older friend of Johannes Brahms, Robert Volkmann, much influenced Brahms's style. And in the present day, Harold Shapero, going strong in his 70s, continues to write music emulating the masters.

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