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jen's DaViD ArQUEttE fan site
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An Excellent Scream site you have to go here!
World Of David Arquette
The first David site EVER!


Hello !!! well iam finally back after almost two years !!!! well after been back on the web after two years i get a message from david himself so i decided to come back here and start the page up again so once again thanks for all your support even after it seemed like i was doing notting with this site well hope to hear from you all so soon James

update:19 July 2000

well once again i have let my page go to rack and ruin i just havent had the time but i decided to atleast fix this page up once a fortnight but im short on ideas if any one has any ideas or suggestions please let me know on a_perfect_world@hotmail.com

thanks for all your support i thought i would be getting bad letters in my gust book but all i get is praise thanks so much James

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