A-9 Vigilant

Craft: Kuat Drive Yards A-9b Vigilant Interceptor
Type: Territorial defensive Interceptor
Scale: starfighter
Length: 7.4 metres
Skill: Starfighter Piloting A-9
Crew: 1
Crew Skill: Starfighter Piloting
Cargo Capacity: 55 kilograms
Consumables: 1 day
Cost: 185,000 credits
Hyperdrive: none
Nav Computer: no
Maneuverability: 4D+1
Speed: 12
Atmosphere: 450,1,500 kmh
Hull: 2D+2
Shields: none
Sensors: Passive: 10/1D
Scan: 35/2D+1
Search: 60/3D+1
Focus: 3/4D
Weapons: Two Heavy :Laser Cannons
Fire Arc: front, Damage: 5D (6D when fire linked), Range: 25, Atmosphere: 2.5km

The A-9 is a sleek stripped down starfighter it lacks hyperdrive and shields to cut all extraneous mass. It is perhaps one of the easiest starfighters to fly and they lack an ejection system. It has twin laser cannons that can be single or fired link. The A-9 is a highly maneuverable craft that trades mass for maneuverability. The long cylinder shapes attached to the bottom of the angled wings are the engines which provide excellent speed.