Links to Some of our Regular Backyard Birds

wildbirds unlimited: birds you see at your feeders
fall birdfeeding: when to fill birdfeeders
cardinal: the beautiful "redbird
bird houses: a few different birdhouses
backyard birds : features "bird of the month"
hummingbirds: the fast "little bird"
bluebird society : with pictures
bluebird houses: how-to
bluebirds: attracting bluebirds to your yard
birdfeeding: some birds food preferences by Buffy
backyard birds: info on a few of the birds from Buffy
southeastern bird list: done by uga

Pictures of Familiar Birds Seen in Our Backyard

cardinal: stays here all year long
cardinal female: always seen with male cardinal
catbird: sounds like a cat
goldfinch: occasional visitor at the feeder
bluejay: regular visitor to the yard
hummingbird rubythroated: often seen here in spring and summer
chickadee: a very small bird
mockingingbird: verbalizes constantly
house finch female: at the feeders often
housefinch male: similar to the purple finch
towhee male: eats from ground under feeder
towhee female: nest in underbrush
titmouse female tufted: another small bird
titmouse male tufted: very active small bird
brown thrasher: Ga state bird
nuthatch: yet another small bird
mourning dove: the cooing bird
mourning doves: seen quite often seen under the feeders
sparrow: several different kinds
bluebird: always nearby when mother is nesting
bluebird female: likes to nest in birdhouses
bluebird male and female: a pair of bluebirds
cedar waxwing: loves berries
wren: will nest anywhere
robin: seen in early spring redbreasted
redtailed hawk: seen occasionally in yard

Some More Beautiful Birds

bunting: very colorful bird
flamingo: a pink bird
a pair of tanagers: very colorful birds
tanager: yet another colorful bird
northern flicker: similar to a woodpecker
bald eagle: our national bird
purple finch: similar to house finch
red bellied woodpecker: we have seen him in our backyard
red headed woodpecker: very common in this area
baltimore oriole: another colorful bird